Flat and Fabulous Feet for Work!

Good afternoon everyone and a very Happy Friday!

To bring in the weekend I thought I'd bring you a little more shopping inspiration (uh oh) with some ideas for fancy footwear that will take you from work to play all in one day.

Inspired by London Fashion Week and the very welcome revelation that flat shoes are soon going to be all the rage - comfort and style a combination that we rarely see. Plus having recently purchased and got all excited about En Brogue (pictured below) I have trawled the web for some of my favourite flat options that I hope will inspire you in the office and beyond!

En Brogue is a blog written by Hannah Rochell a Features Editor at InStyle Magazine and a flat shoe fanatic! Her mantra 'Love Fashion, Love Shoes, Hate Heels' has now expanded into the pages of a great book by the same name as her blog and it has been providing me with inspiration all week!

Being quite tall anyway I don't often reach for heels, not because I don't like being extra tall but I just tend to be drawn towards shoes of a flatter nature. When a pair of heels do grace my size seven sweeties it will only take a moment for me to begin wincing in pain and discomfort and I'm soon reaching for the nearest pair of comfy shoes and switching my allegiance anyway.

So as you can imagine this blog and book really appeal to me and not only that I have it on good authority that it will soon be the season of the flat. The catwalks at recent fashion weeks showed models gracefully striding down the runway in much lower creations than they usually have to navigate, showing us that you can look cool and be comfortable after all - music to my ears (and feet).

In honour of this exciting new trend I have put together the collection below with some of my favourite swish but smart picks for work. Shoes that I hope will see you through from day to night and keep you smart and comfortable all day along the way. Just click on the picture to be taken to more detail and information. 

So what do you think? Will you be rocking the flat this season or are you a fully fledged heel fan that can't be swayed? Let me know which camp you're in and in the meantime have a lovely weekend!

(Oh and just to note these are just choices that I personally love the look of - this is not a sponsored post).


After-Work Style: Mellow Yellow

Well despite the rain overnight, today has turned out to be quite a sunny Wednesday where I am - I hope you're having a lovely day too. So in the name of summer, today I have a couple of sunshine inspired accessories to chat about that may just tickle your fancy!

Now first a confession - as far as I can see neither of the actual items in the picture above are available online anymore. Eek - bad blogger leaving it too late to talk about them - I couldn't decide whether to delete this completely or go with it.

However having had a little look around I've found some really lovely alternatives and I also think it's a nice way to chat about two of my favourite brands that you may not have come across before - so with that in mind I've decided to post, but in future I will be more up to date I promise!

First up a lovely mellow yellow (I think its actually called caramel) leather clutch bag from Urbancode London. This is such a soft muted yellow and a lovely soft leather bag, a very generous size allowing ample room for all your evening must haves. I love the quality of this bag and I enjoy the Urbancode products in general. They have some really lovely, unusual and contemporary pieces at affordable prices which are always a hit with me. You can often find something a bit different and unique on their site - this clutch actually came via Asos, another good place to find their products.

I've found a couple of alternatives to this bag worth taking a look at here and here.

Secondly I have fallen in love with this lovely beaded statement necklace from Pull & Bear.

I first came across Pull & Bear in Mexico City over a year ago now and have been happy to find that they have a reasonable presence over here as well. Their products are really affordable but also well made and a little unique. At £9.99 I think this necklace was a bit of a steal and I'm loving it - especially to glam up a plain black top. They have some really lovely alternatives on their website at the moment so why not take a peek - this one is very similar and would be perfect to take you from summer into autumn.

So I apologise for not being able to link to the originals in the picture but I hope you find something you like in my offered alternatives - some smart accessories to take you from day to night and add a little sunshine into your day.

Have a great evening all - I'm off to get ready for the Great British Bake Off - can't wait.

See you soon!


After-Work Style: Red Hot Sunday Shopper!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sunday post. 

Just a quick one today but I'm suddenly feeling in a vibrant red, summer strawberry related mood and this has reflected itself in a little shopping trip that I took recently and a couple of nice purchases that I thought I would share here on the blog today.

The Bag.

The Bag.

Now the reason for these two purchases was to get some matching articles to go with the red flats pictured below. I bought them quite a while ago but haven't worn them yet as I really needed a matching bag to make them work with say a nice navy or black dress or cropped trousers and shirt. The shoes were in the Zara sale a while back so unfortunately I can't link to them as they're no longer available although I did find some similar ones here.

The first new purchase was a cute little red handbag, again from Zara, and currently in the sale for £9.99 reduced from £22.99! It's a perfect colour match for the shoes and a decent sized bag with three zipped compartments plus a long detachable strap enabling it to work as a handbag, messenger bag or a clutch - bonus! It's still available online here.

The Lip Pencil.

The Lip Pencil.

I was also really in need of a new red lip colour and was keen to try out one of the Nars Satin Lip Pencils that everyone has been raving about so I picked one up in the colour Golshan.

These pencils are really lovely to use and this particular colour is quite a lot brighter than it looks on the packaging so it goes really well with the bag and shoes! The pigmentation of these little beauties is really strong and the texture smooth and moisturising. I've only used it a few times but so far so good - I'm very impressed with the results.

So I really just wanted to share these with you today - mainly so that I could get the information to you before the bag sells out in case it takes your fancy! If red is your thing or you're just looking to add a little vibrancy into your wardrobe then perhaps these striking accessories and a hint of a bright red lip would be a good way to make a start.

Whatever you're doing today I hope you're relaxing and having a great Sunday. Make sure you check in to the blog this week for some upcoming posts that include tips on positive thinking and part two of my hidden London walk.

Farewell for now.


Top Tailoring and Fancy Threads

“Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not!”

Oscar Wilde

Today I wanted to take a little look at fashion and threads for the men. With a look at a particular brand that we stumbled across on a recent trip to Brighton whose creative tailoring stood out to us leading to a number of unscheduled and unexpected purchases!

Creative tailoring and tweeds.

Creative tailoring and tweeds.

The store is Gresham Blake and we came across them one lazy Sunday whilst browsing the lanes and other lovely little streets of the fabulous, sunny seaside town.

Their style is creative and unique with the aim to make good quality tailoring less elitist and more readily available to everyone. The quality of the clothes is extremely good and the fit (although I realise this is unique to the individual) seems to be pretty spot on. They are also uniquely British using cloth sourced from the UK as well as creating and weaving their own fabrics in-house.

Unique prints - something a little different.

Unique prints - something a little different.

When we visited their Brighton store the staff were friendly, knowledgable and helpful and they made the shopping experience for my husband (who hates shopping - surprise) much more bearable and dare I say it even enjoyable!

They even allowed our dearest little Spaniel in the shop with me whilst Dan browsed and sampled the clothes - which gets the thumbs up from me (although I can't guarantee this is a given all the time and in all locations, it was quite a quiet Sunday).

Dan purchased two very smart shirts one with a unique flamingo print (yes flamingo) and one with a handgun print along with an accompanying and gorgeous tweed jacket, matching tie and pocket square.

Fancy Flamingoes!

Fancy Flamingoes!

I realise that the style and prints might not necessarily be right for all office environments if you're considering making some new work wardrobe purchases. However if you're looking for something a bit different and distinctive then this brand really ticks all of the boxes. Plus with Fathers Day just around the corner here in the UK these fancy threads could prove to be a great purchase for your loved ones if they have a taste for something a little quirky.

If you're in Brighton near Bond Street or you find yourself wandering up and down Commercial Street in London then pop in and see if anything tickles your fancy. It appears from the website that they also take online orders so that might be worth giving a go if you like what you see but can't make it to either of the stores.

Happy Shopping and Happy Monday all.