Hack In To Your Happiness

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness!"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today on the blog I'm going to share some details about a fantastic upcoming summit taking place from the 13-15th November 2014.

As you know a lot of what I try to cover on this blog is related to the benefits of work-life balance, happiness and achieving positive thinking within your professional and personal life. This event will cover all of these topics plus so much more, with experts on Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Neuroscience and Healthy Living.

Exploring Human Potential, Performance and Wellbeing the aim of the event is to build upon the current trend towards greater self-understanding and empowerment.

The Hacking Happiness summit will consist of one conference day taking place at LSO St Luke's in London on Friday 14th November plus two days either side of satellite events across the city - including collaborations with various organisations ranging from Google to Triyoga.

The idea behind Hacking Happiness, a small start-up based in Islington, is to build a platform for the best minds to share tools and insights that aim to make life a little better - to unlock your full potential.

There will be a fantastic range of speakers to tune into on the conference day including amongst others: Darya Rose - Neuroscientist and Founder of Summer Tomato, Laurence McCahill - Founder of The Happy Startup School, Levi Felix - Founder of The Digital Detox (the UK version of which I recently wrote about here), Rohan Gunatillake - Founder of Mobile App Buddify and Adriana Lukas - Founder of Quantified Self, London.


So if you want to learn how to work more productively, understand your mind and live more healthily and you can get yourself down to London on the 14th of November then the most exciting news is that as a reader of TheWhatNowBlog you can get an exclusive 30% off of your ticket price. All thanks to the lovely Hacking Happiness team - read more from them on the subject in their brilliant blog post.

Click here to book your ticket and to claim your discount enter the promotional code: Happy1411

As mentioned there will also be a number of satellite events on the 13th and the 15th of November taking place at various places across the city. These will include an Entrepreneurship Forum at the Google Campus, an Introduction to Mindfulness from Mindful London and a high intensity workout with Psycle in Marylebone. To find out more about what's on offer and to reserve your place see the full list here.

I'll be going along to the conference and reporting back here on the blog in a few weeks time so for those of you unable to get involved but interested in what is on offer, tune in to find out more about what happens on the day as I come back and share with you any useful tips and tricks that I pick up.

Farewell for today - grab your tickets soon if you can make it, and tune in tomorrow for some more exciting WhatNowBlog news and goings on.

Happy Hump Day!