10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow To Inspire You At Work And In Life

Instagram is becoming an increasing source of inspiration. Personally it took such a long time to fall in love with it. I didn't really see the use or the benefit and for a while was left a little in the wilderness. Now though, I turn to it regularly to connect with others and to find interesting quotes, ideas and inspiration to motivate and drive forward within the working day.

So in today's post I'm sharing my top 10 accounts to follow for motivation in your working life. Have a browse and then let me know of any similar accounts that you enjoy seeing on your daily feed that you too would recommend people get excited about!

Come join  @TheWhatNowBlog  on Instagram!

Come join @TheWhatNowBlog on Instagram!



1. Fast Company: With a profile that simply states 'Inspiring the future of business' the Fast Company feed is a place to turn for educational posts about the business world that help to do just that. I love the style of the photos and illustrations that they pick as well as being able to find inspirational business men and women to learn about and stories that teach and motivate. @fastcompany

2. Bossed Up: An organisation that's based around helping women to avoid burnout, live a healthier, happier life and create more sustainable careers. Their Instagram feed is full of supportive, positive quotes, ideas and thoughts for helping women to do just that. @bosseduporg

3. Career Contessa: Highlighting strong women in the working world, Career Contessa's feed will again offer inspiration and ideas as well as positive motivation for those wishing to drive themselves forward in the world of work - learn from people who've done just that. @careercontessa

4. Live In The Grey: Live in the Grey's mantra is all about loving what you do, finding fulfilling work and basically finding that creative space between the back and white expectations that the world puts upon us. Inspiring people to find their own path, their Instagram feed offers colourful and arty illustrations and thought provoking quotes of encouragement. Helping us all to be brave, go forward and pursue our goals with passion and courage! @livegrey

5. Clementine Daily: 'The modern woman's inspired guide to a sweeter everyday.' The Clementine Daily feed is clean, chic and smart. Its minamalist style makes it a pleasure to scroll through when you just need a break from the clutter of everyday life. Somewhere to find peaceful inspiration and clarity of thought and ideas. @clementinedaily

6. Happsters: The sole purpose of this account is to inspire and spread happiness through the use of cheerful and uplifting quotes, illustrations and beautiful photographs. Having a bad day at work? Then a quick scroll through this feed will be certain to put you straight back on the right track. @happsters

7. Levo League: I'm a Levo League fan in general so it's not surprising that I also enjoy their Instagram offerings. Levo League is a community of young professionals and inspiring mentors and their feed provides daily career inspiration, quotes and motivation to help you move forward and achieve your dreams. @levoleague

8. The Every Girl: A colourful but sharp and concise feed of beautiful office spaces, city inspiration, downtime ideas and everything in between. The Every Girl feed is a joy to thumb through and a calm place to spend some of your daydreaming time during a few minutes break from the working day. @theeverygirl_

9. Greatist: Need some healthy eating and healthy living advice and inspiration to keep you motivated throughout the day? Then Greatist is the place to turn for ideas for better living that don't suck, will still entice and will make you want to stick to maintaining a happy, healthy life! @greatist

10. Anna Rifle Bond: The creative and the stationery addict in me just couldn't go without mentioning this one! Anna Bond is the Founder and Creative Director of the beautiful Rifle Paper Company and her feed will make you want to pick up a pen, find a pretty pad of paper and start doodling away with arty enthusiasm. @annariflebond


I hope you find these accounts as inspiring as I do and enjoy having a good look through the fantastic photos, illustrations and ideas.

What's your favourite Insta inspiration when it comes to browsing for ideas on work and life? 

Share you favourite accounts below and for now goodbye and enjoy the rest of your Monday everyone.



Embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit With Blogger ReeRee Rockette

I first came across ReeRee Rockette at the inaugural Blogstock Festival last summer where she gave an informative and thought provoking talk about the power of niche as a blogger, a subject I still think about and try to work towards every day. As a blogger and writer ReeRee's growing credits include a column for Vintage Life Magazine, The Huffington Post and a regular column in Things and Ink, a high end tattoo magazine.

After leaving her job as a teacher in 2010 ReeRee embarked on her own, quite life evolving, career change and entrepreneurial journey that culminated in her opening Rockalily Cuts in 2012. A salon now listed in Time Out's 'Best Hairdressers in London' and a thriving business that has since expanded to a second location. This fabulous retro salon will totally transform your hairstyle into the most colourful and beautiful of barnets!

Photograph  : ReeRee Rockette

Photograph: ReeRee Rockette

Thus, after fan-girling for a while and being inspired by ReeRee's journey, drive and the new career she has passionately created for herself, I wanted to reach out and ask if she would share a little of her story on this blog. Chuffed that she agreed, today I share that interview as well as her tips and advice for any budding entrepreneurs, bloggers and writers out there. So sit back and enjoy the start to this new working week whilst learning more about the inspiring business journey that ReeRee has taken ...


Hi ReeRee! So starting at the beginning of your change in career direction, in 2010 you left your job as a teacher to launch your own business. What led you to that decision and was it a scary risk to take?  

I'd had itchy feet as a teacher for a little while, I really enjoyed the job, but it's very repetitive, I felt that if I didn't leave soon I'd be 'trapped' there until retirement. The pay system makes it hard to leave teaching after a while. I sidestepped and became a school librarian, and created a new library, which was brilliant, but once the day-to-day routine set in again, my itchy feet returned.

I had an evening job at the time, in cabaret, and that started to open my eyes that I could be good at something other than just teaching. I'd also been blogging, and I felt that a new path had been created for me. The final straw was when the school had new management. They sent around the new dress code, and I found their patronising tone broke the camel's back. I handed in my notice.

Setting up Rockalily Cuts must have been very exciting but also very challenging. What can you remember about those first months and the feelings/challenges that you faced? 

It was all pretty quick and all felt rather surreal. I boxed my fears tightly away, there's no time for those when you're making such a big investment in yourself and your future. I never felt that it wouldn't be a success, although looking back that could well have been true!

Photograph  : ReeRee Rockette

Photograph: ReeRee Rockette

For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit dreaming of setting up their own business what's the one absolute piece of advice you would urge them to consider? 

To focus more on what people will pay for, rather than what you'd love to spend your time doing.

What is it that you love most, that inspires you most about what you do? 

I love that the days are flexible, and that I get to work from home over 50% of the time. I love that I get to be in control, although being a boss can be pretty lonely too. It's also pretty ace helping people feel more fabulous.

Photograph  : ReeRee Rockette

Photograph: ReeRee Rockette

With all of the many things that you are involved in life must get pretty hectic. Do you believe in maintaining a good work-life balance and how do you achieve this? 

I don't switch off very much, but I love my job, so I don't feel I need to balance it really. If I'm dating someone, I balance it by explaining that I can lay in bed for a lazy morning, but just need 30 minutes on the laptop first. So I guess that's one way! If I'm out with friends, I try to just catch up with work when they're at the toilet or getting drinks. 

Equally, aside from finding downtime, how to you stay motivated when life gets very busy? 

I'm a driven person, and I do a lot of reflection on my goals. What I want from life won't happen by accident, I need to make the choices that will get me there. If I'm feeling a little overwhelmed I use lists to focus my attention again.

For the bloggers and budding writers out there do you have any advice for finding your voice and growing your audience? 

I think successful writers are natural story tellers, but of course everyone can improve their writing. On a basic level, reading quality writing improves our own, by increasing our knowledge of sentence structures and vocabulary. 

As for finding your own niche, this can be helped by reflecting on what you're good at sharing, and what people are looking to read. What makes your story worth returning to? 

You've achieved so much but what's next for ReeRee Rockette - what are your dreams and plans for the future?

Gosh thank you. My current business is 3 years old, so still a baby business in many ways. I have a lot of goals for my own writing, I've recently starting writing for The Huffington Post, and have a column in a tattoo magazine, and I'd love to really continue to develop these skills. I've been asked to talk again at Blogstock, and I love how talking really pushes me too. 

Photograph  : ReeRee Rockette

Photograph: ReeRee Rockette

A huge thank you to ReeRee for sharing her journey with us here today. Make sure you check out her blog for daily outfit posts, business and life inspiration as well as an insight into ReeRee's world of beauty. dating, fitness and motivation.

It's always so inspiring to hear more about another persons journey, learn about the decisions they have taken and discover that there are certainly ways to build a life and career that you love, providing you have the focus and determination to do so and can be realistic about the challenges that you will need to overcome along the way.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and hope to see you back here very soon!



The Future Is Coded

Let's talk about coding! Not talking in code, not the kind of codes you used to make up with your friends and siblings at school and when you were little, not morse code but computer coding - HTML and the like!

It's a known fact that currently in the UK job-market there is a huge skills shortfall in the IT sector with last year seeing the sharpest growth in demand for permanent IT workers since 1998. With this desperate need for skilled staff the problem is beginning to create a huge and, in the long term, unsustainable and unrealistic wage growth. Coders, programmers and developers are in short supply and as we move further into this technology driven world that demand will only continue to increase. 


To try and address the problem, towards the end of last year it was announced that children from the age of 5 upwards will soon be taught how to program and code in school. This, I believe, is great and important news for the future generation. Some haven't responded so positively but I personally feel that it can only be a good thing. If you're interested in learning more about coding and programming classes and are looking for suitable resources for children then next week marks ComputerXplorers programming for primaries awareness week - you can find a tonne of brilliant, useful information on their website here.

Another example of just how important and prevalent the need to code has become was demonstrated recently when BBH, one of the worlds leading and most forward thinking advertising agencies, sent their entire UK office on a days course to learn exactly this skill. Realising the importance of knowing how to code in this growing digital age, they knew it was a day well worth investing in for the growth and innovation of their staff.

Yet what about those of us who've already left the education system behind long ago or who aren't lucky enough to have exposure to such resources in our daily working lives? What can we do to learn and enhance our own skills and keep up with the changing pace of the world that we now live in?

Well although I write and edit this blog, my own coding skills leave a lot to be desired. It's a skill I am slowly learning (I'll tell you more about how later) but as the platform that I use for this blog has a very functional, built in template I can make this blog look quite nice without using a lot of code - or by copying and pasting the odd bit here and there!

However as the blog grows and my ideas develop I'm getting increasingly frustrated by my lack of ability. Therefore spending most of my afternoons trying to remedy this sat at my laptop and working my way through various tutorials to get better at what I very clearly need to get better at. The thing is, it isn't the chore that I thought it might well be. In fact it's actually quite simple and rewarding if you can find the right help and begin to make progress without too much of a headache. Don't get me wrong, a genius computer programmer I am not, and I'm sure I never will be. Yet building on new skills in this area has been a real eye opener and something that I'm enjoying getting stuck into.

So with this in mind, if this is an area that you would like to learn more about I thought I would share some of the resources that I've personally been finding very useful.

5 Awesome Places To Learn To Code Online is an article from the brilliant online lifestyle magazine A Little Opulent that provided me with some great initial resources to get me going. From this list I immediately connected with, and got started using Codecademy where you can literally sign up for free and begin a guided tutorial in basic coding in a matter of seconds. Cue sense of achievement and disbelief that I could actually start to make some sense of the whole thing - ish!

Another fantastic resource is General Assembly where you can find courses both on campus and online in technology, design and business skills. I am told that the online Dash course is well worth checking out for learning HTML, CSS and Javascript easily from the comfort of your own computer. This is next on my personal training to do list (alongside quite a few other things!) so I will be sure to update you on any progress if you're interested. 

So that's a little starter list that I hope will help you out if, like me, you're looking to learn more about this mystical world! Have you tried out any of these resources and do you have any feedback? Or do you have any other great recommendations that you can share in the comments below? As always it's more than lovely to know what you think and if this is on your 'to learn' list then happy, happy coding!

New Year, New Blogger Inspiration

I love coming across new blogs and connecting with the voice of a blogger or vlogger who really hits home with me, be that in their writing and subject choice or just in the general style and visual of the work that they do. I will always love the blogs that first got me into this world and inspired me from the beginning but I also, as I'm sure many of you do, come across new and beautiful blogs on a regular basis and today to bring in the blogging New Year I thought you might like a peek at some of my most recent finds and favourites that are currently giving me online inspiration on a daily basis.


First up is The Private Life Of A Girl written by Sophie who is also the designer and owner of beautiful, minimal jewellery brand Oh My Clumsy Heart. I stumbled on this blog when another blogger that I follow favourited one of Sophie's posts making it pop up on my Bloglovin' activity feed. I hopped on over to the blog and was immediately drawn in by the smart, neat, no fuss layout and the abundance of creative content. Some of my favourite recent posts include:

I am also currently really loving the sharp, clean and minimal blog Into Mind. With the tag line - Personal Style, Minimalism & The Perfect Wardrobe this blog offers just what it says on the tin in a neat, smart and stylish way. There is also a great deal of positive lifestyle advice posted regularly and I really love the simplicity and uncluttered nature of this beautiful blog. If you're intrigued you should check out the following:

Lastly for my current newest blogging finds is the blog J for Jen. Jen is a freelance online writer and I love her blog for the variety of content but also for the neat way she organises the topics that she covers and for the colourful photos and ideas. I especially enjoy Jens daily outfit posts. I find I really connect with her sense of accessible style and enjoy getting outfit inspiration that I can actually wear myself. For an idea of what I'm talking about check out her outfit posts here.

On the YouTube side of things I've recently really enjoyed watching the LEAF video channel. Again I think I must be craving simplicity and minimal style in my life right now because that's exactly what the LEAF channel offers. Simple, no fuss but very stylish short videos with fashion, lifestyle or food based themes (LEAF stands for Lifestyle, Eating and Fashion!) Well worth spending half an hour or so having a look through for some fresh ideas for 2015. Currently on my 'to make' list from their channel is this simple and delicious looking Baked Olive Oil and Lemon Zest Ricotta - yum!

Will you be checking out any of these blogs or channels? What are your most recent blogging finds or do you have a blog that you think I should definitely check out? Leave your links below and I'll enjoy taking a look over the next few days.

Have a lovely day all!