Post Work Dinner: Healthy Thai Fishcakes

Recently I've really been craving fresh, clean but still very comforting food. I know that fish isn't everyones cup of tea but it's something that I really adore and not only that but I love a good, tasty fishcake! The only problem is that a lot of them come covered in breadcrumbs and are full of naughty things other than delicious fresh fish, adding up to a less than healthy option for your dining room table. That's when I remembered these beauties that I first made a little while ago and have been turning to once again for a spicy, clean and fresh tasting meal at the end of the day.

Thai Fishcakes With Mango Salsa

The recipe for these comes from Janey over at the blog Slice of Slim. I met Janey a little over a year ago now at a cooking event with Greek Chef Tonia Buxton and I love picking recipes from Janey's blog to try for lighter alternatives to the usual favourites. Her blog is based around the weight watchers points system but even if you're not someone who follows that particular programme which I personally don't, it's also a huge archive for no fuss, healthy eating recipes that anyone can get stuck into. All the while still very much tickling your tastebuds!

Janey's original recipe can be found here: Thai Fishcakes With Mango Salsa. I highly recommend giving them a try. The clean-ness of the fresh fish with the refreshing mango salsa, combined with the heat from the super hot red chilli make these a dish to share and enjoy all year round. Below you can find some more details as well as find out what I like to serve these with when I make them myself. Enjoy!

Red Chilli




FOR THE FISHCAKES: 140g raw prawns, 130g cod loin cut into small chunks, 4 spring onions chopped, small bunch fresh coriander, 1/2 a medium hot red chilli chopped, 1 clove garlic chopped, juice of 1/2 a lime, black pepper, small bunch fresh chives.

FOR THE SALSA: 1/2 mango chopped into small chunks, 2 spring onions finely sliced, small bunch fresh coriander chopped, 1/2 a medium hot red chilli finely sliced, juice of 1/2 a lime.

Mango Salsa
Lime Juice

TO MAKE THE SALSA: Combine all of the chopped ingredients and squeeze over the lime juice. Set aside until required for serving.

TO MAKE THE FISHCAKES: Add all of the fishcake ingredients to a blender apart from the chives and pulse blend until everything is evenly distributed and the mixture resembles a fine paste. Using scissors snip the chives into the mixture and stir in with a spoon. Shape the mixture into tablespoon sized cakes until all of the mixture has been used. Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and fry on a medium heat for about 2 minutes on each side until the fishcakes are golden brown and cooked through.

Make sure they are thoroughly cooked through to the centre before serving.

Fishcake Mix
Fishcake Mix

I served mine with spicy sweet potato wedges. Here's how you make them if you wish to do the same.

SPICY SWEET POTATO WEDGES: 2 sweet potatoes, a little olive oil, salt and pepper, 1 tsp paprika, mixed herbs for seasoning.

Preheat your oven to 200ºC. Wash your potatoes, peel if you wish but the skins can be left on. Slice into decent sized wedges. In a bowl coat the wedges in the oil, salt and pepper, paprika and mixed herbs. Lay out on a baking tray (I covered mine with some foil first) and bake in the preheated oven for around 45 minutes until nice and crisp and golden.

Sweet Potato Wedges
Thai Fishcakes With Mango Salsa

So if you decide to make these delicious little beauties then I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Very tasty, simple to make and a good dose of healthy ingredients to perk you up after a long and busy day.

What food do you like to cook after a busy day? Will you be giving these a try?



Tasty Breakfast Idea: Almond Crunchy Quinoa

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we're in a rush we don't always get the time to enjoy a decent healthy breakfast. Plus from time to time perhaps we run out of delicious ideas to get our tastebuds tingling ahead of a busy day.

Recently I was asked to give the new Alpro Big Pots a run for their money to celebrate Alpro's recent collaboration with London Fashion Week. Now I'm an Alpro fan anyway, I love their Almond Milk and use it regularly so I was happy to give the new yogurts a try and share my thoughts. Here today is a snippet of what I whipped up with the creamy delight that is the Alpro Big Pot Almond*.

Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig

I decided to try something a little different. Regular readers will probably have noted in previous recipes I've shared that I'm quite a fan of the grain quinoa, so it will come as no surprise that I picked out a recipe containing this ingredient! This is a variation of the Alpro recipe for Almond Crunchy Quinoa. I made a few alterations to include seasonal ingredients, including some juicy blackberries that I had sitting in my fridge just begging to be included.

Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig
Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig



YOU WILL NEED: 65g uncooked quinoa, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, pinch of sea salt, 1/2 tablespoon flaked almonds, 1 large apple cored and sliced (I used a crispy cox apple and it was the perfect companion!), 1 fresh fig sliced, handful fresh blackberries, 65g Alpro Simply Plain alternative to yogurt with Almond, 1 teaspoon clear honey.

Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig
Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig


1. Cook the quinoa as per instructions. Once ready remove from heat and stir in the cinnamon and sea salt. 

2. Layer the quinoa, apple, fig and yogurt into mason jars or bowls until all ingredients are used.

3. Top with blackberries, drizzle over the honey then sprinkle over the flaked almonds. Serve and enjoy!

Now we don't all have time to be cooking quinoa first thing in the morning but this part can easily be completed the night before and left in the fridge once cooled. You can then layer this up and serve as a chilled and tasty breakfast in the morning. It would also make a healthy and very tasty dessert, served warm in the evening. Just make a little extra quinoa if you're having it as part of your main meal and set some aside for this recipe.

Almond Crunchy Quinoa With Apple, Blackberry And Fig

This was such a delightful pot of fresh and tasty ingredients that kept me going well into lunchtime. At first I wasn't sure about the smell of the warm quinoa and cinnamon but once it was all layered together it was divine! The creaminess of these big pot yogurts, along with the subtle flavour, makes for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite morning fruit and or cereal. It made this dish feel luxurious and extra tasty. A real treat but without any of the guilt - lovely!



*PR Sample

How To Make A Flower Crown: With Rose And Wolf

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed a flurry of floral activity from me on your feed yesterday morning. Well that's because I got to spend the first hour of my day surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers, with the chance to learn how to make a floral crown. The kind that you see people donning at festivals, summer balls and such like. Beautiful fresh flowers, bright and enticing colour and great fun. Much easier to make than you might think.

How To Make A Flower Crown

The first happy part of my day yesterday was being on the early morning, sun soaked streets of London before many other people, except for the very keen beans, had made it into the wilds of Central London! Having the city almost to yourself for a few precious moments before the day begins, especially on such a fresh and bright summers promise of a day, is an unexpected treat and something I always enjoy.

The course was part of the Eventbrite July Summer School that I posted about a few weeks ago. I was lucky to be offered a ticket* by the team to go and take part in the class that I was probably most excited about for the whole months programme of events. Not that there aren't many other great classes, some of which you can still catch if you have the chance to do so!

Carnaby Street London

The class was being run by London based florists Rose & Wolf in the new Pizza Pilgrims site in the very lovely, and not previously visited by me, Kingly Court. This was an ideal venue for a little early morning learning. Kingly Court is a great little enclave of happiness set just off of Carnaby Street. I'd never ventured through its arches before but will certainly be going back at some point soon, a hidden spot for a little alfresco summer lunch. Pizza Pilgrims provided the ideal space in which to create our floral masterpieces. Unfortunately I didn't get to try the pizza (not even I can manage pizza at 8am in the morning) but heading back soon to sample some of the delights on their menu is now top of my to do list!

Kingly Court London
Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims London

Thus so to the making of the crowns themselves. This process is so very simple and well worth giving a go if you have an event coming up that you'd like to wear one for. 


  • Length of Aluminium Floristy Wire (about the circumference of your head plus a little extra)
  • Floristy Tape
  • Fresh Flowers and Foliage of your choice

For wire and tape options you can find a good selection here: Florist Wire and Tape

How To Make A Flower Crown

Simply begin by wrapping your length of wire in the florists tape. The tape is a kind of crepe-y texture in feel but when pulled gets sticky enough to hold as you wrap it, at an angle, around your piece of wire.

Once your wire is covered select your flowers and cut them to size, you need to leave about an inch of the stem to fix to your crown. 

Decide how you wish your crown to look. I'd never made one before and kind of just went ahead very traditionally by fixing individual flowers along the centre of the covered wire. Some however got far more creative with a much heftier fix of flowers, some just on one side for a more asymmetrical look, others added far more creative foliage and excitement - well the options are endless.

You need to fix your flowers and foliage with the stems all facing in the same direction, otherwise it gets very tricky and confusing! All of my stems headed off the the left and you just simply fix them to the wire by wrapping the stems to it using the same floristry tape.

Once you are done you can cut your wire to size (if required) so that it fastens neatly around at the back of your head and et voila your fresh flower crown is complete!

How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown

For me, the eternal flower lover, this was a great way to spend an hour early on a Wednesday morning making a beautiful flower crown and all before 9am! Such a colourful way to start the day. It was great to meet some other likeminded flower crown, festival loving fans such as myself and a useful new skill to have under my belt for future summer accessorising.

My huge thanks goes to all involved. I hope this post inspires you to go and give this a go for yourself. If you do, you must share your photos and ideas with me, I'd love to see them.

Farewell for now What Now friends. See you again very soon and have a very Happy and Floral Thursday!



Summer Healing: Healthy Hangover Lunch!

So we're nearing the end of the week once again and are nearly at the end of my week long Summer Healing series. I hope you've enjoyed these posts and found them useful. Today I thought I'd continue with a look at some of the best foods to help you out if you've been over doing it, as well as share a simple lunch recipe that always gets me back on track and that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Healthy Hangover Salad

This quick and simple lunch has all of the ingredients needed to help you start to feel human again. Here's a little glimpse at why these components will help you feel better faster.

AVOCADOS: The good fats in avocados help the body to soak up whatever might be going on in your stomach if you're feeling queasy from the night before.

BEANS: I've used cannellini beans in my recipe but black beans would also be a great option. Beans contain a great source of folic acid, fibre and protein. Helping to aid the body in a swifter recovery.

LEMON (OR LIME): Helps in the detoxification process that is much needed after a night on the tiles!

QUINOA: This teeny grain packs a protein punch that is much needed for the body to recover and will renew your energy. It's also full of all sorts of other great nutrients to help get you back on track.

SPINACH: The wonder veg strikes again! This potassium packed beauty will help replace electrolytes often depleted due to the diuretic effect of alcohol as well as assist in detoxifying the liver.

TOMATOES: Packed with antioxidants to help reduce inflammation in the body as well as plenty of vitamin C to give the liver a much needed boost.

Chopped Salad Ingredients



YOU WILL NEED: 2 large tomatoes chopped, 1 ripe avocado chopped, 2 spring onions finely sliced, 1/2 cup quinoa cooked (you can see my notes on how to cook this grain in this post here), 1 400g can or packet of cooked cannellini beans in water (or black beans), the juice of 1 lemon (or lime), 1 clove of garlic crushed, sea salt and ground black pepper, 1 large handful of spinach, optional sprinkling of feta to serve.

Lemon Juicing


1. Cook your quinoa and set aside.

2. Heat the crushed garlic in a little olive oil in a pan and add the cannellini beans heating them through until browned and softened.

3. Combine the tomato, avocado, beans and garlic, spring onions and quinoa in a bowl, pour over the lemon juice and stir together. Season with salt and pepper.

4. On a plate lay your spinach and top with the tomato and avocado mixture.

5. Sprinkle over the crumbled feta (if using) and serve.

If you can stomach it a nice addition to this would be a little flaked, tinned tuna. This mineral rich food is also another great hangover saviour and recovery food.

Healthy Hangover Lunch Bowl

So whether you're suffering from a little excess or are just in general need of a nice body boosting bowl of flavours then I don't think you can go too wrong with this lovely salad option. Simple to put together and packed with goodness, think salsa, guacamole with tasty beans and quinoa, a little sharpness from the lemon and a punch of salt from the feta and you'll be somewhere to guessing the yumminess of this lovely lunch!

Enjoy and remember don't over do it if you can, but on the occasions that you do, treat your body with goodness and not too much naughty greasiness that ultimately might taste great but won't really help the situation in the long run. I know easier said than done sometimes, but hey we can but try.

See you tomorrow for my final post this week and this time it will be time to switch off and just totally chill out!

Happy Thursday.