A Proper Coffee Break!

"Life begins after coffee!"

Happy Friday everyone!

Today on the blog I thought we'd take a little bit of a 'break time' in the working day and focus on something that is extremely popular in this household and has been in my working life in general - the great tea and coffee break.

I'm a huge fan of break-time be that filled with tea, coffee or hot-chocolate (and of course cakes) along with lots of lovely chatter and catching up with friends or colleagues. It's good to take a break from your desk, make your favourite brew and relax for a moment. In fact you can follow my tea, coffee and cake obsession on Pinterest - by far my most pinned board. You'll find a lot of cake there though so be warned!

Dan (hubby) and I were recently very kindly sent a Blankbox Coffee Box* after meeting and spending a long time chatting to the Founder this summer at Blogstock. Now I have to admit I'm more the tea drinker of the family but Dan just can't resist drinking his daily weight in coffee (not necessarily something I condone!) still I thought I would share a little about the box on the blog here this morning. So if you're sat at your desk staring down at a slightly lacklustre cup of ordinary coffee then this post might just tickle your fancy.

The concept behind Blankbox is a really unique one. You literally get sent a 'blank box' of two bags of coffee posted through your door once a month in a very slim, easy to get through the letterbox package. The coffee is UK roasted and you can find the stories of the individual roasters each month on the website. Plus you can choose whether to have the coffee sent as beans or already ground - although Blankbox, and we, recommend grinding them yourself just before drinking to get that ultimate fresh taste and aroma. The smell is just amazing honestly, it's worth grabbing yourself a grinder to do this freshly if you can. We picked up a cute little one by Salter from Robert Dyas and priced at £16.99. It works like a complete whizz so it was worth the investment (it can also be used to grind nuts and spices too so bonus!)

What's so lovely about this is the excitement of receiving the beans, grinding them, reading about where they've come from and then settling down to that great steaming cup.  Now I'm no coffee connoisseur and like I say I do confess I don't drink it very often but Dan certainly knows a good cup of coffee when he sees it. When travelling around Central America a few years back on our honeymoon, staying on the beautiful Lake Atitlan, we were lucky to meet a resident who was painstakingly growing, harvesting and roasting his own coffee beans - garnering a new found respect for the art of producing coffee! (If you're interested we stayed at Vulcano Lodge and the owner would be able to point you in the direction of the brilliant coffee guy!)

From our red stamped bag we got to try coffee 035 from Rwanda, Kamiro roasted by Notes Coffee, London and described as having notes of black cherry and 90% dark chocolate. It was this heady, chocolatey smell during the grinding process that got me on side straight away!
The blue stamped bag contained coffee 036 from Costa Rica grown on Finca Canuela and roasted in the UK by Clifton Coffee in Bristol. Again described as having a raisin and chocolate sweetness I could be found happily whirling around the room on the rich cocoa smell alone coming from our wild grinding mini coffee making machine!

A subscription to this service would make a great Christmas gift for the coffee loving colleague or family member. Something a little different and unique, something to look forward to each month and something of great taste and quality that I'm pretty sure the recipient won't be disappointed by.

So grab your cup and top it up, sit back, sip and relax for a moment and ponder the delights of a really great cup of coffee. Then get back to work and get on excitedly with the rest of your day! Have a lovely Friday all x