Weekend Tipple At The Whistling Shop

Well it's that time again - weekend time! As I haven't posted at the weekend for a little while I thought I'd bring some Saturday night 'Work's Out!' inspiration to the blog today in case you're looking for somewhere to head out to this evening.

I recently had the pleasure of a lovely evening spent celebrating with friends at The Worship Street Whistling Shop in Shoreditch, London and this unique little spot lent itself to some pretty fun pictures that I wanted to share here today. 

Billed as 'Combining the charm of Victorian squalor with the elegance of grand Gin Palaces' this slightly dark but charming little place just a few minutes walk from Spitalfields Market is definitely a quirky place to while away an evening in London.

The cocktail menu when we visited was circus inspired and included such creations as the Ferzi Fizz, the fizz being a unique combination of dehydrated Rhubarb and Balsamic, and the Zazel a peanut butter and jam bullet bourbon. Inspired! At between £10-12 a cocktail you'd be hard pushed to get stuck into too many but it's really about the experience of trying out the unusual combinations in quite an eccentric and intriguing setting.

They make the majority of the cocktail ingredients in-house and most of these are for sale if you should wish to take something home and recreate your favourite tipple! Plus they also have a large number of craft beers, whiskies and wines on offer as well so there really is something to tickle everyones fancy.

The low lit underground location is atmospheric and full of quirky little areas to sit and interesting bits and bobs to peek at on the walls. Although very busy when we visited it didn't feel overly crowded or uncomfortable as some of these places can do especially in London. Although if you're in a group and want to take a seat and enjoy the evening from a more relaxed perspective then reserve a spot ahead of time to ensure you are happily located! The staff were very friendly, great at understanding your tastes and recommending a cocktail to suit. It could be said that the risk at a location like this would be too much style over substance but honestly the cocktails and attention to detail is so very good that we definitely didn't find this to be a problem here.

Overall a very fun and happy time was enjoyed and I would certainly be happy to visit again some time soon!


Finally, if you're interested in learning a little more about the history behind the famous London 'Gin Palace' and finding some further, similar locations to visit then check out this great article here - London's Gin Palaces, past and present - Telegraph.

Whatever your plans have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!