Booming Baguettes, Spicy Sweet Potato and Sizzling Chickpeas

Hello lovely people - I hope you're all having a happy Wednesday?

Today I thought I would look ahead to the coming weekend, with Halloween fast approaching on Friday and Bonfire Night not long thereafter I'm sure this weekend promises to be a celebratory one for many.

So whether you're planning to spook out your neighbours or will be getting the fireworks booming and bustling this weekend here is a tasty but simple little idea for a nice hearty, warming meal to set you in good stead for the weekends activities.

Baguette Ingredients


For the Baguettes:

1 pack of 4 Sandwich Steaks

Olive Oil

1 small pack Stilton, crumbled

1 Large Wholemeal Baguette, sliced into four and cut in half

Handful Spinach Leaves

Dijon Mustard and Ketchup to serve

Salt and Pepper 

Mixed Herbs for seasoning

Raw Ingredients

Create the baguettes around the cooking of the Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas and Onions below.

Begin by rubbing the steaks with oil, seasoning with salt, pepper and mixed herbs then placing them in a dish and back in the fridge whilst you prepare and cook the wedges, chickpeas and caramelised onions. 

Once everything below is nearly complete, heat a griddle pan until nice and hot and fry the steaks for 1-2 minutes (to your liking). Allow to rest before slicing and assembling with the buttered baguettes, spinach, crumbled stilton, caramelised onions and mustard/ketchup as per personal preference!

Sweet Potatoes

For the Spicy Sweet Potatoes

4 Large Sweet Potatoes

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper 

1 tsp Paprika

Mixed Herbs for seasoning

Preheat your oven to 200ºC. Wash your potatoes, peel if you wish but the skins can be left on. Slice into decent sized wedges. In a bowl coat the wedges in the oil, salt and pepper, paprika and mixed herbs.

Lay out on a baking tray (I covered mine with some foil first) and bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes until nice and crisp and golden.

For the Sizzling Chickpeas

2 x 400g Can Chickpeas drained and rinsed

1 tbsp Chilli Powder

Olive Oil

In a bowl coat the chickpeas in the oil and chilli powder. Lay out on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 200ºC for 25 minutes.

Caramelised Onions

For the Caramelised Onions (to accompany the Baguettes)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

2 Red Onions finely sliced

Salt and Pepper

Pinch Caster Sugar

A good slug of Balsamic Vinegar

Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the sliced onions, frying over a medium heat. Once softened and starting to brown add in a decent slug of balsamic vinegar followed by a pinch of caster sugar, season with salt and ground black pepper and allow to cook over a medium heat for approximately two minutes until golden, caramelised and sticky.

Once you have completed all of the above stages you're basically ready to assemble - as you see fit and to your personal taste - before tucking in and I hope very much enjoying!


Baguette Assemble

If you try any or all of the above then please do let me know and Tweet me your pictures! Have a great Halloween and Bonfire Night. Look out this Friday for a post on some simple but delicious cocktails to accompany the above dishes and to help you in celebrating your weekend adventures.

If you have any recipe ideas or posts that you'd love to share then please do so in the comments below. It's lovely to see new ideas and try out other peoples recipes.

Happy cooking!