Getting Ready For Take Off

Ok I'm going to be honest here, I'm not a great fan of flying! In fact it was only a few years ago that I would get on a plane a nervous wreck and vow every time that I would never fly again.

Yet as time has passed, and thanks to various opportunities to travel both personally and at times with work, my fear has subsided somewhat. Although I'm still not the biggest fan I've come to realise that there's such a beautiful big wide world out there that it would be a shame to miss it through anxiety and fear alone.

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So with travel in mind, today I thought I would share two things with you. Firstly some tips for decreasing the anxiety you may be facing ahead of taking to the skies if like me you're not a big fan. Secondly, and probably one of my favourite things, some ideas for being smart but comfortable on your travels. Whether for work or personally, just a few things I've been coveting recently that I thought you might enjoying drooling over with me as well!

So let's get started - first my F.L.Y top three tips for dealing with your aviation anxiety.



Face your fear. Avoiding taking a flight is not going to remedy the situation. As I have said above, my personal fear has decreased with repeatedly forcing myself to face it. Resist the urge to avoid and face and embrace that frightful flight.

Learn what it is that is really making you afraid. Deal with this fear ahead of boarding the plane. I know this is hard and if you could do this that easily then you wouldn't have a problem. Yet often people don't even really sit down and think about what it is that's actually scaring them and the actual likelihood of it happening. Sometimes a good pep talk is just what you need.

Y ap to the person next to you. Or in other words distract yourself! Whether that be with a good book or my own personal favourite a good pair of noise cancelling headphones complete with a good playlist of your top positive and happy songs.


So once you've digested the above and are feeling more ready to take to the skies well then comes the fun part. Gearing up and accessorising yourself for a stylish but comfortable flight.

When it comes to travel of course first and foremost you want to be comfortable and practical, yet it can also be important, especially when on business, to garner an element of style and 'put togetherness.' So I've been browsing the web recently and have fallen in love with a few autumn/winter inspired travel must haves that I thought I would share with you here. 



Luggage - For me luggage needs to be practical and easy to use but I also like it to look nice and where possible be smartly matched! At the moment I'm totally in love with these two pieces from Rolling Luggage the Knomo Montague Backpack and this beautiful Aubergine coloured Workbag from the same line. They just look so stylish with their Chanel-esque quilted exteriors and lovely detailing. I like the idea of a backpack accompanied by a smart work bag for short work breaks where you need to travel fast and light but also need to have something smart to turn up to the office with. Plus a backpack will be far better for the comfort and wellbeing of your back as well as the general ease of travel. If you're not a backpack fan the range also includes a smart selection of cases from cabin to hold size plus some lovely looking totes as well. I just think they look really gorgeous!

Earphones - In line with my Y step above these beautiful Bose Headphones look certain to do the trick if you're after something to comfortably block out the sound of the engines and help you concentrate on the in-flight movie or your favourite music selections. They're not cheap but they'll definitely do the trick so look well worth the investment.

Scarf - For me a good scarf is essential. You know what planes can be like - freezing and over air-conned one moment followed by boiling and stuffy the next. A scarf can keep you warm and double as a blanket for a moments snooze as well. In keeping with the autumnal burgundy colours in this selection I came across this lovely simple, light but practical patterned scarf from H&M. At only £3.49 in the sale I think it's one I'll be snapping up very quickly!

Shoes - Comfort and style can be hard to come by. I favour smart but cosy flats for flying that will see you from plane to office in style should you need to go straight from one to the other - without burning out your feet. Wouldn't these beautiful burgundy Henrietta's from French Sole go perfectly with the luggage and look totally beautiful?! If you missed it I recently wrote a post about having Flat and Fabulous Feet for Work and I think that this pair would fit that remit perfectly.

Skincare - Now when I fly my skin goes into meltdown! Especially when flying long haul. I'm not really one to get out my skincare products on the plane and start a mini facial although on long haul I can understand why people do. Instead I like to have something that I can apply when I arrive to bring my skin back to reality. I've been using the ESPA Essential Mineral Mask for a long time now just at home but have heard really great things about the 24 Hour Skin Saviour and think this sounds like a great product to have with you on your travels. It looks ideal for repairing dry and irritated skin. I think I'll be giving this one a go next time around.

Travel Candles - Finally, if the above tactics to F.L.Y don't work and you still disembark the plane in a state of anxiety then why not head to your hotel and take a while to de-stress and relax before your forthcoming activities. These pretty travel candles contain lavender, geranium and rosemary, some of the best relaxing aromas you will find. I'm pretty sure they will do the trick when it comes to unwinding and shaking off your jet lag!


Have you tried any of these products or do you have any great recommendations? What are your travel essentials for travelling in comfort and style and how do you relax and unwind after a flight overseas? Plus do you suffer from travel anxiety and how do you deal with it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. If you like any of the products click through on the collage below to find out more as well as to see some more of my favourite 'Come Fly With Me' covets!



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Have a great day everyone and if you're off somewhere nice soon then very happy travels.