Time For A Tea Break ...

"A cup of tea makes everything better!"

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well. Now as you may know I'm currently overseas, about to leave Australia for the shores of Dubai. However whilst I'm away I still wanted to share with you some posts, thoughts and ideas. In fact I had a little more planned for this week but lack of functioning wi-fi and a bit of an annoying, air-con induced cold led to me taking a few days out to just enjoy the sights and sounds of Oz and relax. 

I love to travel and have been very fortunate to have the chance to visit various different corners of the world over the years. However, and not wanting to sound too cliche and British here, I do have a fondness for a good old cup of tea, something that can at times go a little awry when travelling around the globe. So today following on from my recent proper cup of coffee post it's time for me to rave a little about my love of the Great British cuppa!

I love tea - so much! Tea always perks me up and makes me happy - it solves all ills (well kind of). 

Now my first love is the traditional English Breakfast or Earl Grey type of tea with milk. Lovely! However as too much of this isn't always such a good thing (although there are actually some surprising health benefits that you can read more about below) I've been branching out on the herbal tea front as well.

I do enjoy a good cup of Green, Camomile or even Jasmine tea now and again but one of my current favourites is the very surprising Sweet Rhubarb tea as pictured below.

Now I guess that Rhubarb might not be everyone cup of tea (pardon the pun) but if you're a fan of the tangy and somewhat sharp fruit then you may very well enjoy this brew. 

The tea bag itself smells like that great favourite, comforting dessert that I love especially in the winter time - the fabulous crumble! When you add the hot water that smell moves into sensations of hot crumble and custard, divine. However this is where a lot of herbal teas then lose their brownie points as they always smell delightful then taste, well like hot water! This tea does well at maintaining its heavenly flavours even upon taste and that's probably why I've been enjoying it so very much. 

So if you're after a little something different to try on your tea break this winter why not search out some Sweet Rhubarb tea and give yourself a sweet little treat. The one I have is combined with tangy apple and blackberry leaf and well tastes just lovely!


10 Surprising Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea You Never Knew - www.lifehack.org