Wintery Desktop Favourites

Happy Monday everyone!

So today I woke to probably one of the first proper cold days we've had in the UK this winter so far. The de-icer had to come out for the car windscreen and the low lying sun did it's best to obscure our trip along the motorway for as long as possible. It's getting chilly and I'm starting to feel it - bumping up the heating and pulling out the hats and scarves. It's time to get cosy!

So with the pending winter days in mind I thought today I would share a couple of winter favourites that have been by my side the last few weeks. Just a few bits that you may also enjoy giving a whirl.

First up is something that has been coming in very useful now that the cold weather outside and the central heating inside has started its yearly fun game of playing havoc with my skin! I have slightly red and easily irritated skin especially on my face and it doesn't respond well to many products so I have to be careful what I use. I tend to find something that works and stick with it without venturing to trying anything new for a long time thereafter! However I recently came across the Neal's Yard White Tea Facial Mist and have found it very agreeable for my un-agreeable skin! Having run out of my Caudalie Beauty Elixir a while back I thought this might be an interesting alternative.

It's a very useful product to have by your side throughout the day for a re-hydrating boost that can be spritzed over your makeup when you get back to your desk after being outside in the cold. It doesn't sting or irritate at all (well I've certainly found it very gentle) and does seem to calm and rehydrate just as it promises to do on the bottle! It's not greasy but has a little more to it that just a watery facial spritz and it certainly freshens up your face after a long day. I'm really quite happy with this buy and would certainly say it's worth checking out if you're looking for something to soothe and liven up tired winter skin.

Next, not exactly an essential but just something I've been enjoying this month and that's a nail varnish from Sally Hansen in the colour Plums The Word.

I often do my nails sat in front of the computer of an afternoon whilst I catch up on reading various posts and articles in various online feeds! The desk setting provides the perfect stable surface for a bit of quality nail painting - especially given that I'm really pretty bad at it.

I hadn't tried any Sally Hansen nail varnishes until recently being a fully fledged Revlon addict. The stand in Boots drew me over though thanks to the dazzling array of colours and I decided on this pretty plum colour thinking it looked like a good bridge between summery pastels and wintery deep reds and plums. Its a lovely colour and I really love the formula of the varnish. For a nail polish nightmare applier like me I find these pretty easy to use and can get a decent enough effect without smudging it all over the place - although you can probably tell from the picture that it's still not my forte!

Last up but probably my favourite of the three picks from today is my new favourite break time refreshment the Drink Me Chai Chocolate Latte - oh hello heaven in a cup!

I really love the glorious blend of warming chai spices in the winter time. Something about it just spells out the season perfectly and always makes me feel warm and festive. So when I stumbled upon this little tub of wonder recently I just had to bung it into the basket and give it a go. Warning it's really quite addictive and I've gotten through a fair few tubs already. It's very easy to make, just add a few spoonfuls to a mug and top with hot water. I also add a decent splash of almond milk (marshmallows too if it's been one of those kind of days). There's also a suggestion on the packet to try mixing the powder into buttercream for an interesting cupcake topping - yep I think I'll be giving that a go soon too.


So there's just a few of my little winter desktop treats. What would yours be? Have you been trying anything exciting this last month for the coming festive season and what's your go to drink for a little office break time refreshment?