Tips For The Tired Commuter

Commuting can be hell a fact most of us know all too well.

Luckily these days my commute consists of taking one flight of stairs in my house (don't hate me) but I've had my fair share of commuter woe and more specifically London transport rage in days gone by. Plus even now I live through the nightmare of cancelled trains, leaves on the line, 25 minute queues to get into the tube station and other regular nightmares via my lovely other half who still has the misfortune of undertaking this painful necessity on a weekly basis.

So with this in mind I've put together a few tips below for those of you still embroiled in the joys of a busy daily commute. Some ideas, advice and a couple of recommendations plus a cheeky little giveaway for you to enter at the end of this post with some treats to ease the pain of your daily trek to and from the office.


Now firstly the good news is that if you commute to work by train then you're likely to be taking an average of 30% more steps a day than someone who drives to work - so thumbs up there on the activity front. Yet still, whether driving or using public transport to make your way to the office the affects on your health can be damaging, adding stress, heightening blood pressure, reducing social interaction and therefore potentially triggering depression and feelings of isolation. Not great hey!

That's why, if you are spending a considerable proportion of your day making your way to and from your place of work and are unable to change that, then it's worth looking at ways to look after your health, increase your happiness and generally try and find a happier way to pass the time and reduce the stress - if at all possible.

One great article, written a while ago but still very relevant, is this one from here. With tips on how to commute the healthy way and great ideas for passing the time it's worth a read to see if there's anything useful that you can implement into your own daily routine.


One of the suggestions that the above article offers is to bring your own entertainment. Now I'm sure a lot of you already take books, music and so on to pass the time but recently I saw an article that suggested going old school with your games! They suggested putting down your phone, getting out the old notebook and pen and leaving the cyber world alone for a while. What a great idea. Feeling really brave? Then why not bust out a game of hangman with the person next to you. You'll either make a new friend or they'll get off at the next stop to avoid you - either way you'll have livened up the day and made it more interesting! 

Sound a bit unlikely? Ok then instead how about getting stuck into a great new read. 

I recently read a review of the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and have added it to my Books I MUST Read! board on Pinterest. The review was by a fellow blogger over at Peak Time Tales a blog with the great tag line 'Every journey tells a tale…' The book sounds like a thriller of a read and I'll have to give it a try even though I don't personally have to while away many hours on a train that often. It's released in January 2015 so is one to watch out for in the New Year.


There's a column in The Telegraph called The Commuter Spy - Our Man On The Train a fun and often informative read. This anonymous column is written by a daily commuter, standing up for fellow commuters everywhere. I particularly love his post entitled Midnight mystery solved investigating why the shelves in train station supermarkets are always so chaotic. Something I can totally relate too!

Which also brings me to another idea - time spent on the train need not be wasted. If you have always fancied giving writing a go, why not use such time to finally put words to paper (or iPad) and see if that next great novel really is hidden within the wearied walls of your commuter brain.


So as mentioned today I've decided to run my first ever blog giveaway with a bundle of treats worth £75 that I've chosen especially to help wash away the daily commuting blues for one lucky reader.

Commuter Giveaway

The goodie bag contains:

Waterstones Kindle Fire HDX Protective Case with stand in Black - to keep your Kindle safe whilst reading your favourite books to and from the office.

Go Stationery A6 Perfect Bound Notebook - perfect for getting your game on and playing that traditional game of hangman! Or just for making notes and to do lists as you wait to get home to action them.

This Works In Transit Balancing Body Lotion 80ml - with the uplifting fragrance of Bergamont and Lime this will certainly boost your tired limbs after the long journey home.

Lanolips Rose Hand Balm Intense 50ml - to soothe cold, chapped hands after waiting around in the cold for your train or bus at the end of a long day.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml - soothing and refreshing, a quick spritz of this will wake up tired skin after any long delays and keep you looking fresh despite the frazzle of the days commute.

Sanctuary Spa Relax Nourishing Shower Creme 200ml - when you finally get through the door at the end of the day you can unwind with this blend of calming and relaxing essential oils to help wash away the stress.

Vinegar Hill Cashmere and Cocoa Mini Candle - the final piece of the unwinding puzzle. Let this comforting scent relax you as you settle down for the evening and cosy up after a day on your feet working hard.


Phew quite selection if I do say so myself - I'm resisting the urge to try them all out myself as we speak. So what do you have to do to enter?

Well it's very simple. Just click below and follow the instructions to put your details forward for entry. You must be following @TheWhatNowBlog on Twitter to be eligible to win - you will be prompted to do this when entering.

The giveaway starts today and will be open until midnight on Friday 14th of November after which time one lucky winner will be selected at random and contacted by email. 

You don't have to actually be a daily commuter to enter. We all know that working from home, being a full-time parent plus many other occupations can be just as challenging and demand a little pampering now and again!

Oh and before I go let me know what you do to pass the time on your daily journey to work and how to you cope with the stress of it all? Always intrigued to know - especially as I might be able to pass on your handy tips to my long suffering husband. Happy travels and best of luck with your giveaway entry.