New Year, New Blogger Inspiration

I love coming across new blogs and connecting with the voice of a blogger or vlogger who really hits home with me, be that in their writing and subject choice or just in the general style and visual of the work that they do. I will always love the blogs that first got me into this world and inspired me from the beginning but I also, as I'm sure many of you do, come across new and beautiful blogs on a regular basis and today to bring in the blogging New Year I thought you might like a peek at some of my most recent finds and favourites that are currently giving me online inspiration on a daily basis.


First up is The Private Life Of A Girl written by Sophie who is also the designer and owner of beautiful, minimal jewellery brand Oh My Clumsy Heart. I stumbled on this blog when another blogger that I follow favourited one of Sophie's posts making it pop up on my Bloglovin' activity feed. I hopped on over to the blog and was immediately drawn in by the smart, neat, no fuss layout and the abundance of creative content. Some of my favourite recent posts include:

I am also currently really loving the sharp, clean and minimal blog Into Mind. With the tag line - Personal Style, Minimalism & The Perfect Wardrobe this blog offers just what it says on the tin in a neat, smart and stylish way. There is also a great deal of positive lifestyle advice posted regularly and I really love the simplicity and uncluttered nature of this beautiful blog. If you're intrigued you should check out the following:

Lastly for my current newest blogging finds is the blog J for Jen. Jen is a freelance online writer and I love her blog for the variety of content but also for the neat way she organises the topics that she covers and for the colourful photos and ideas. I especially enjoy Jens daily outfit posts. I find I really connect with her sense of accessible style and enjoy getting outfit inspiration that I can actually wear myself. For an idea of what I'm talking about check out her outfit posts here.

On the YouTube side of things I've recently really enjoyed watching the LEAF video channel. Again I think I must be craving simplicity and minimal style in my life right now because that's exactly what the LEAF channel offers. Simple, no fuss but very stylish short videos with fashion, lifestyle or food based themes (LEAF stands for Lifestyle, Eating and Fashion!) Well worth spending half an hour or so having a look through for some fresh ideas for 2015. Currently on my 'to make' list from their channel is this simple and delicious looking Baked Olive Oil and Lemon Zest Ricotta - yum!

Will you be checking out any of these blogs or channels? What are your most recent blogging finds or do you have a blog that you think I should definitely check out? Leave your links below and I'll enjoy taking a look over the next few days.

Have a lovely day all!