Super Simple Party Canapés

If you're in need of some very quick, last minute inspiration for any upcoming festive parties then these ridiculously easy little bites may just help you out this holiday season.

I made them the other day for a festive get together and they went down very well. Requiring very little time at all. No actual cooking just a little shopping and preparation, these could be just what you need to get you out of a tight spot if you've forgotten to plan some nibbles or have some last minute guests turning up unexpectedly!

Stilton and Red Onion Blinis - Serves 16


1 Pack of 16 Cocktail Blinis (you can get the canapé blinis if you like they are smaller than the cocktail ones)

1 Small Block of Stilton Cheese (roughly 150g - or another strong blue cheese will work just as well)

Red Onion Marmalade (or similar onion type of chutney)

Handful of Rocket Leaves

Simply lay out your blinis on a serving platter (I used a couple of these Scottish Slate Placemats as they set off the look of the finished blinis perfectly!) 

Cover each one with a teaspoon of the red onion marmalade, add a couple of rocket leaves and top with a generous chunk of the stilton - and that's it - simple!

Smoked Salmon and Guacamole Variation

For the salmon blinis take 16 more cocktail blinis and place on a serving platter. Top each one with a teaspoon of guacamole and finish with a small scroll of smoked salmon. You may also wish to top with a tiny slice of lemon or lime and a splash of ground black pepper - totally optional.

So if you're in a bit of a pickle and need something really simple to whip up for your visitors then I hope the above ideas come in handy. Quick, easy and delicious there's no need to add any extra stress to your day by putting these together for your guests. Serve with some cold sparkling Prosecco or a glass of Champagne and perhaps a cheeky bowl of olives and some vegetable crisps for a pretty and colourful selection of delectable delights to welcome visitors to your door this Christmas or New Years Eve!

Enjoy your festive celebrations and let me know what you plan to prepare for your festive parties this season. Do you have any fun ideas or recipes to share?

Happy Entertaining!