100 Happy Days!

Just a quick post this evening. As we contemplate going back to work tomorrow morning - a little something to think about!

Day 1 - Beautiful Camellias!

Day 1 - Beautiful Camellias!

Today I have registered for what I think is a fantastic challenge the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

The idea behind it is that in this ever challenging and over scheduled world we sometimes find it difficult to step back and take time each day to really appreciate the things, big or small, that have made us happy that day. You can find out more at www.100happydays.com but I just really love the idea and am looking forward to seeing if I can live up to the challenge! I will be posting my daily pictures via Instagram but thought I would post the occasional update and picture on here as a little log of my journey and how I get on! Wish me luck and if you're also taking part then all the very best and enjoy.

Will you be taking part in #100happydays?!