Hit Refresh For The Spring Clean

This post is kind of in addition to my previous post about organisation but I think it's an interesting area worth mentioning separately - especially for all those of you out there guilty of working in an untidy environment and in light of it being April - the month of the traditional spring clean!

Tidy desk, tidy mind?!

Tidy desk, tidy mind?!

A tidy workplace is really key for a productive working environment for many reasons including better efficiency and of course your own and others health and safety.

So with the end of the month approaching, if you haven't already, why not treat your workspace to a spring clean and prepare for the rest of the year using my simple ideas below:



Begin by cleaning out those overflowing desk drawers. Get rid of unwanted papers, letters, old food! Any general rubbish that you have accumulated and don't need.

Next organise what you have left and do need into a neater and more accessible format. Section off pens, paper-clips and general smaller items that are laying around. Batch useful items together and create a set of drawers that work for you!


Not always fun but even in this increasingly online world there is still a certain amount of paperwork laying around in most peoples workspace.

Tackle that abandoned stack of papers now and shred and recycle anything that is no longer important.

For documents that are still required there's no better time to batch them together and create that much needed filing system that you've been planning for so long.


Whether cleaning out your desk, wardrobe or whatever else it may be, don't be afraid to be ruthless and make the decision to finally cull all of those things that you don't require and haven't used for absolutely ages.

Remember to be environmentally conscious and recycle or bag up for charity, everything and anything that you can (within reason!)


Time to clean up your online activities as well! You know all those loose Word and Excel documents floating around on your desktop, all those unused apps you downloaded and have never used, all those people you've followed on your social media accounts that you didn't really mean too?!

Take some time out and get it all in good and practical order.


Well this might seem like an odd one but once you have completed all of the above why not set to personalising your desk with a little refreshing inspiration - this doesn't mean adding in a load of new junk mind you!

One nice idea is to invest in a plant for your desk space, not only do they look nice but recent studies suggest they can also make you more productive as explained in this really interesting article by FastCoDesign.com here.


So those are some ideas I have for a good workplace refresh but what would yours be? Let me know how you like to re-organise your desk and what helps you to be most productive?!