​Tech Time: Interesting Apps

Today a tech post about two apps I've come across recently and am finding very useful.

An app for all!

An app for all!

First up and in relation to my ongoing quest for a good nights sleep (see more in my previous sleep post here) the iOS Sleep Cycle alarm clock app.

This app is a simple and very effective way to manage your sleeping habits, with a function to wake you up when you're in a lighter sleep state. All you do is it turn the app on and place the phone under your pillow upside down. If you want to use the alarm function set the time window in which you'd like to be awoken. The app will leave you sleeping if you're in deep sleep and the alarm will only alert when you're in a lighter sleep phase within that window.

Sleep cycle is good for two reasons. Firstly, as a sleep habit recorder it's really interesting to see how deeply you sleep and when. This can be tracked and compared so you can see general patterns emerge. Secondly, as an alarm - if you don't mind having a 20 or 30 minute wake up window - it's great to know you'll not be disturbed in a deep sleep which can leave you feeling groggy and sleepy all day!

As an example see the picture below - where I remember waking up shortly after going to bed, and then being woken up by the alarm at the right time when I was due to get up for work.

There isn't an Android version but I've heard that SleepBot is a good alternative (although I can't comment as I haven't tried this one myself).

Sleep Pattern.

Sleep Pattern.

Secondly another useful little tool I have come across is the smartSCAN app. For some reason I can't find the correct link to this but if you type in smartSCAN when searching in the app store you should be able find it easily enough.

This very handy little tool allows you to scan and send things on the go. Just take a photo of the document you wish to send. Go into smartSCAN and select the photo from your albums. It will scan it in black and white format and you can edit, rotate and play with as required. Save it then send it on from your photo section. Simple!

Very handy if you need to sign and scan something on the go - or if you need a black and white scan to send someone - for example of your passport or similar. Useful!

If you have tried any of these or have any other suggestions of apps that are useful everyday tools, especially for business purposes please drop me a note in the comments below as I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy tech-ing!