50 Days In!

So a little while ago I mentioned that I had just signed up to the '100 Happy Days' challenge using Instagram.

Well today marks my half way point - 50 days in and 50 days still to go! 

50 Happy Days!

50 Happy Days!

So far it's been a really enjoyable experience and has definitely helped me to step back and think about at least one thing I've appreciated each day in a way that I might not have done regularly enough before.

I won't lie, occasionally I find it hard to find something photo worthy and that I'm happy to post. I know it's not a photographic competition but when you work from home most of the time shareable inspiration can be a little hard to come by! 

I've noticed that I end up posting a lot of pictures of food, dogs, drinks and flowers but hey I guess they're the things that bring me lots of daily happiness! Even so, it's been a great challenge to take part in and I love that I will have a collection of lovely memories to look back at, at the end. I'm thinking of getting a selection of the pictures printed up via somewhere like Inkifi who offer a selection of fun ways to print and keep your Instagram pictures.

If anyone else reading this is taking part I hope you've been finding it a positive experience as well. If you'd like to share your pictures and thoughts then please let me know where I can find you in the comments box below so that I can take a peek!

You can find my selection on Instagram.

Farewell for now and here's to the next 50 days!