Smart and Stylish Travel Advice

Well hello Wednesday! Half way through the week and I hope everyone is well?

I thought today seeing as it's nearly August and perhaps some of you might soon being heading away for a summer holiday I thought I'd have a little look at travel guides. Guides that might be useful for you on your travels. In particular today I'm taking a peek at advice for city travel.

On our recent trip to the US at the beginning of this year I took with me two of my favourite types of guide! I love them both so I thought I'd talk about them briefly here today.

First up the Insight Select Guides as pictured above and below here. I really like these sleek, small little books that are jam packed with some really trendy but also very practical travel tips.

Each one gives you an overview of the city to begin with, followed by a breakdown by neighbourhood then hotels and essentials. They also have a great section entitled 'in the mood for … ' which offers suggestions based on whether you are looking to relax, for retail therapy, for fine dining and so on and so forth. I think these guides are great for cities and offer you a stylish and unique viewpoint of what you might expect to find when you land at your chosen destination.

Second up and quite possibly my favourite of all are the DK Top 10 Guides.

Now these little beauties are a must for me when travelling and are incredibly useful. They are compact and easy to carry with you and offer you pretty much everything you might need in one place.

By breaking a city down into it's top 10 sights at the beginning you can be certain you won't miss any of the absolute musts on your trip. Yet if you want to go against the grain and explore outside of the usual tourist areas then the around town section will also offer you plenty of other selections. You will find museum, restaurant, market, and hotel ideas as well as great city walks and itineraries.

With a pull out, fold out map included at the back you can just pop it in your pocket and go off on your own adventure as soon as you set foot in your chosen capital. 

These really do offer you everything you need in one place and priced at £5.99 are, in my opinion, certainly worth the investment.

So wherever you chose to venture this summer I hope you have a great time and if you're in need of a little travel advice and inspiration then why not give one of these guides a go and see how you get on.

Happy holidays!