An Introduction to the Apprentice-Ship Hub

Today I wanted to share with you a great and positive new initiative from a fellow blogger Samuel-James Wilson, writer of The Apprentice-Ship blog.

The Apprentice-Ship Hub.

The Apprentice-Ship Hub.

Having successfully followed the apprenticeship route himself Samuel-James has learnt first hand what a truly key and rewarding avenue into the world of work that this can be, and just how important it is that the correct support and advice can be found along each step of the way.

He has been sharing his personal experiences via his blog for some time now but has recently decided to take this one step further in his latest project and set up an online community where fellow apprentices can connect, share stories and advice and obtain guidance from professionals who can assist them in their next steps.

This is a great project and such an important direction for many people, you can read more about the project here and see how you can get involved and offer your support.