After-Work Style: Mellow Yellow

Well despite the rain overnight, today has turned out to be quite a sunny Wednesday where I am - I hope you're having a lovely day too. So in the name of summer, today I have a couple of sunshine inspired accessories to chat about that may just tickle your fancy!

Now first a confession - as far as I can see neither of the actual items in the picture above are available online anymore. Eek - bad blogger leaving it too late to talk about them - I couldn't decide whether to delete this completely or go with it.

However having had a little look around I've found some really lovely alternatives and I also think it's a nice way to chat about two of my favourite brands that you may not have come across before - so with that in mind I've decided to post, but in future I will be more up to date I promise!

First up a lovely mellow yellow (I think its actually called caramel) leather clutch bag from Urbancode London. This is such a soft muted yellow and a lovely soft leather bag, a very generous size allowing ample room for all your evening must haves. I love the quality of this bag and I enjoy the Urbancode products in general. They have some really lovely, unusual and contemporary pieces at affordable prices which are always a hit with me. You can often find something a bit different and unique on their site - this clutch actually came via Asos, another good place to find their products.

I've found a couple of alternatives to this bag worth taking a look at here and here.

Secondly I have fallen in love with this lovely beaded statement necklace from Pull & Bear.

I first came across Pull & Bear in Mexico City over a year ago now and have been happy to find that they have a reasonable presence over here as well. Their products are really affordable but also well made and a little unique. At £9.99 I think this necklace was a bit of a steal and I'm loving it - especially to glam up a plain black top. They have some really lovely alternatives on their website at the moment so why not take a peek - this one is very similar and would be perfect to take you from summer into autumn.

So I apologise for not being able to link to the originals in the picture but I hope you find something you like in my offered alternatives - some smart accessories to take you from day to night and add a little sunshine into your day.

Have a great evening all - I'm off to get ready for the Great British Bake Off - can't wait.

See you soon!