Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass

This past Monday night I hopped on a train to London and hot-footed it over to the Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass that was being held at Altitude 360 on Millbank.

I had come across the class around May time whilst browsing for events that might be of interest to me on Eventbrite and intrigued I quickly bought myself a ticket to head along and find out more.

The Panel.

The Panel.

The event was being held to celebrate the launch of the 2014 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in collaboration with Next and consisted of a varied panel of five SEO and Blogging experts all with different experience in the Blogosphere who were willing to chat and share with us as their hopeful and buoyant audience.

Not being a particularly natural networker (something I'm still working on even in my thirties) I nervously left the train station and headed in the direction that I hoped the building would be. Luckily enough I bumped into three other slightly forlorn and lost looking but very friendly bloggers on route and armed with a barrage of iPhones we found our way in time for a glass of bubbly ahead of the evenings discussion.

On the panel were Joe Williams - Founder of Zen Optimise, Kat Williams - Founder of the fabulously unique wedding site, Fleur De Force a Beauty and Fashion Vlogger with over 130 million subscribers across her varied YouTube channels, Vicki Fogwill Social Media Manager at Next and finally Ali Luke - Head of Content at Zen Optimise and the Editor of DailyBlogTips. The evening was hosted by Kate Lucey - Digital Lead at Cosmo.

Some great wisdom, technical know-how and general words of encouragement were imparted by the experienced and very helpful panel. After about 45 minutes of discussion between Kate Lucey and the five of them the stage was opened up to another 40 or so minutes of audience questions. The crowd were so enthusiastic and indeed knowledgable themselves with such great queries that my notebook (yep went with traditional pen and paper on this occasion) was on fire just trying to take it all in.

So much great advice was imparted but one piece that rang so true and will stick with me for a long time was when Kat Williams told us that "Trying to be perfect is just procrastination" and advised us to "launch and learn" so basically to just go for it and learn along the way.

As someone who is very guilty of always wanting something to be perfect before she posts it, someone who always seems to be waiting just one more day for X, Y and Z to all fall in to place, this line will sit in full view on my desk from now on to remind me to just get on with it. Try and fail at least you have done something that you can learn from next time around instead of watching life go by as you wait for that perfect moment that might never come!

Perfect advice for me that will ring true in my mind forever.

If this kind of affair takes your fancy then do be sure to keep an eye on the Cosmopolitan website under their Cash & Careers section for future careers events that might grab your interest. Or you can do as I did and browse the pages of Eventbrite for suitable goings on in and around your own area.

For more information and to see the live updates, photographs and further fantastic and inspiring quotes from the panel and everyone that attended you can search Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. using #CosmoCareers.

If you attended this event and are looking to connect with other bloggers then please don't hesitate to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.