When Things Don't Go As Planned

Let's face it - sometimes things just don't turn out the way you planned them! You find yourself a bit lost and disappointed and in a place that you didn't necessarily want or expect to be and you don't quite know what to do next.

I've been there and I'm sure I may well be there again, it happens to everyone. Even to people who may seem very together, organised and seemingly perfect. Everyone sets themselves goals and everyone faces disappointment now and again.

The trick I suppose is in learning how to deal with let-downs in work, life or whatever it is that has been thrown at you and turn things around and pick yourself up.

So that's what I thought I'd try and explore a bit today - on Motivation Monday! Let's see if we can find some wisdom and lessons in our mistakes and transform the way we look forward to the future.

Take a step back - my first piece of advice if something hasn't turned out the way you had hoped is to force yourself to take a step back. Take yourself away from the situation, calm yourself down, maybe take some time out briefly and wait until you are able to regain your composure and think more clearly.

Revisit your original expectations - once you feel a bit more relaxed and in a clearer state of mind then I suggest this is a good time to really honestly revisit your original expectation. Be honest with yourself. Was your original goal too unrealistic, did you really think things through enough? Sometimes you may be surprised, if you force yourself to sit down and review your expectations against the current outcome you never know you may find you're not as far off as you first thought.

Think about what caused things to go off course and invite the input of others - ok so you've followed both of the above steps and you still feel that you're in a rut having not got to where you had hoped. Now you need to sit down and consider just exactly why things didn't work out. This way you can identify potential mistakes and put practices in place to ensure this doesn't happen again in the future. This is also a good time to invite honest advice from others around you that you trust. It might be hard to hear but it may just hold the key to something important that you've been missing.

Decide on the next step and commit - once you've explored all of the above it's time to make a decision and then it's time to commit to whatever path you have chosen. If you are going to continue on the same route then you must move forward without looking back. If you wish to pursue something new, use what you have learnt and commit fully with no regrets.

Set up a back up plan - depending on what it is you are trying to achieve it may be useful to put in place one or maybe even several backup plans in order to avoid future disappointment and have a new direction in which to turn if needed. Sometimes the biggest problems can come from focusing so steadfastly on one goal that you fail to see the other possibilities around you.

Move on - it's hard I know and people say it all the time but the only real way to get the most out of work, life and anything and everything else in between is to find a way to put disappointment behind you and move forward. Time will make this easier but try and focus on something new and positive and leave the past behind you. We all make mistakes and we can all recover from them - trust in your ability and put your best foot forward!


So I hope that the above might be helpful or a little food for thought on this Monday morning. Have you found yourself on the wrong path and facing disappointment? How did you handle it and what advice would you give? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below as I'm sure between us we can learn many useful lessons!

All the best everyone and Happy Monday.