The Back to Work Blues

Feeling grumpy about going back to work on Monday?

It's a common feeling and one that is especially heightened following a holiday or seasonal break such as we have just had with Christmas and New Year. If you're finding yourself worrying and very deeply feeling this way on a regular basis then of course there may be a more ingrained issue to address in terms of where you're at in your work life and whether it's right for you. However if it's just a general and more level sense of unwillingness and foreboding then perhaps the following ideas might help to get you back into your Monday morning stride!


1. Do something to switch off and relax. Ha ha it's bath time again! You know me and my love of relaxing baths. In all seriousness though if you're dreading getting up in the morning then do something nice to take your mind off of it on the Sunday evening. Whether that be taking a nice relaxing bath and listening to some of your most uplifting and favourite music, arranging to meet up with friends or taking part in some other sort of activity. Make the most of your Sunday afternoon or evening in the way most fit for you, do something that makes you happy.

2. Prepare well. If you've got a lot to get on with that coming Monday and you're feeling a little apprehensive then take some of the load off of your mind by doing a little preparation. Simple things like working out what you're going to wear. Making sure your favourite shirt is ironed and ready to go may seem like a bit of a chore but will ultimately help to serve you well the following morning and get you off to a winning start. For me making sure my bag is packed with everything I need for the day or week ahead always helps me to feel organised and ready to go.

3. Take it slowly. It's worth remembering that even if you have a lot to be getting on with you don't have to get it all done in the first 10 minutes that you arrive at your desk on a Monday. So if you're worrying about your workload allow yourself the time to get in and get organised. Make a cup of tea or whatever takes your fancy and get yourself into the right mindset before you tackle that to do list. Break the day or the week ahead down into more manageable moments. If you actually quite enjoy getting to work, getting your morning coffee and having a few minutes catching up with a colleague then just think as far ahead as that. Let the rest of day unfold naturally without worrying about it all in too much detail.

4. Plan something nice to do at the weekend and focus on the things you're looking forward to. If none of the above help and you really just aren't looking forward to being back in the office then why not take your mind off of things by focusing on what you are looking forward to instead. Plan something nice to do the following weekend or even get started on planning your next big adventure. Whatever gets you through the day and works best for you!

So don't dread the Monday morning alarm, forget that it's even going to happen and instead enjoy your Sunday evening and immerse yourself in something relaxing and enjoyable whilst preparing yourself for a focused and productive start the following day.


What do you do to beat the back to work blues? Do you actually look forward to that Monday morning alarm call and a chance to get back into your working stride? Whatever you feel or whatever works for you let me know in the comments below and when Monday comes have a wonderful day!