Sunday Simply Says Relax!

So in the spirit of my never-ending quest for relaxation and a good work-life balance I thought this lovely Sunday afternoon I'd have a think about ways to relax before heading back to the office on a Monday morning.


We all get those back to work blues - that Sunday night dread. Well I'm sure we've all very much experienced it in some way. There are many ways to deal with it but one good way is to really take the time to switch off - that is after making sure you're all prepped for the following morning.

My first suggestion would be to prepare yourself something nice, fresh and healthy to eat. Something you'll enjoy but that will leave you feeling good and energised ready for the following morning. 

This evening we will be having our tried and tested Asparagus Pasta. Tasty, simple, filling and delicious it does the trick and leaves you feeling happy and ready for the following morning.

Next top tip - have a bath. I think I've lost count of the amount of times I've suggested having a bath on this blog! I don't actually get time to have many myself as I'm sure most of you don't either but one thing I know is that if you can make time and go ahead and do so it relaxes you so much more than a blasting burst under the shower.

You could treat yourself and invest in some luxury bath oil and body butter like the ones from Ren above, a bit of a favourite of mine right now. Indulgent but pretty exceptional and delightful!

However you don't need to go all out and spend a fortune. In fact one of my absolute top tips for a really relaxing bath is good old fashioned Epsom Salts. I found the pack above in TX Maxx of all places and they really do the trick. Epsom Salts are known (amongst other things) to lower blood pressure and also boost your magnesium and sulfate levels helping to detoxify the body. They truly are a wondrous product and for about £1.49 for a huge bag in somewhere like Boots they certainly won't break the bank. I pick fresh Lavender from the garden, dry it out and add it to the bath salts to make them a little more exciting.

Once you're all bathed, relaxed and feeling soothed (hopefully, unless you've had the bath way too hot which I do sometimes!) then sit back, turn off the TV, put the phone down and do something simple and relaxing. Read a book, flick through your favourite magazines and all those articles you haven't yet got around to reading. Give your loved ones (husband and dog for me) a hug and chill out as you drift off in to wonderland!

What are your top tips for a relaxing Sunday evening? How do you like to switch off and unwind? Let me know in the comments below and enjoy the rest of this sunny September Sunday.