Work Bag Essential: Summer Perfume

This is a new short 'sub-feature' that I'm hoping to do on a regular basis entitled (as I'm sure you can see!) 'Work Bag!'

The idea being that I will focus on one product that I have been loving recently - be that something brand new or something that I've been using forever and just want to share. It may be beauty related, fashion, food, homeware anything really that I just want to get out there because I love it and think that maybe people reading might do too. In keeping with the work aspect of this blog I will try and pick things that might come in useful for example when heading to the office or when you're on the go in general.

Jo Malone Perfume

My first choice is a new product for me and that's my current summer perfume that I adore.

It's actually my first Jo Malone perfume, as they do tend to be a little on the higher priced side for me - reassuringly expensive! But this was a very lovely birthday gift The Peony & Blush Suede Cologne.

The reason I love it so much is that it's scent is just really something special as far as I'm concerned. It's a bit different to anything else I've really tried before. Still sweet and floral which is what I tend to go for, but also very unique and simple. It's light, I can't really do musky scents, but is still very definite and striking.

For anyone who isn't aware of Jo Malone they are a unique British perfume brand established in 1994 by Jo Malone herself and producing some very beautiful and stylish scents.

This is just such a lovely perfume that I can't put down. Mine is the 30ml bottle which is also an absolute ideal handbag and travel size. Despite the fact that I keep covering myself in it, it's also lasting me a long time so far as well which gets extra points in my book.

So if you fancy something a little different for the summer then you might want to give this a try. Test it first and see if it suits you but I have a feeling you won't be disappointed. Great to keep in your desk or pop in your bag on your way to work to help spruce you up throughout the day.