Happy Days and Good Reads

Hello all and a very Happy Sunday!

I have two quick things to chat about this evening on the blog. First up - it was quite a while ago that I took up, and have now completed, the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram.

Seeing as I had previously blogged about it I thought it only made sense to complete the journey with a final note and perhaps share some thoughts on happiness.

So I did do all 100 days and posted 100 photos but I must admit some days it was tough! Plus some days I did forget and had to add a few in a row. Now I know that technically this probably doesn't count but I felt that as I had the memories to share and had invested my time so far that it only made sense to carry on.

So it's done and I'm pleased I took up the challenge. It especially helped on the days that I wasn't feeling so bright as it forced me to look at what was around me and find something positive. In all a worthwhile challenge with some lovely pictures to keep as memories (a little sample of which you can see above!)

I'm also thinking about finding another Instagram or Twitter challenge to get stuck into so if you have any suggestions let me know? I'm thinking of some sort of weekly challenge perhaps to do something new/push out of my comfort zone? Maybe I'll do my own #challengeme - anyone with me? All suggestions welcome!

Secondly today I wanted to talk a little bit about reading.

Now I'm notoriously bad at finding the time and switching off my mind long enough to sit down and read a good book these days - that's something that I want to change. I'm now signed up to the brilliant Goodreads and I love using this to gather reading inspiration as well as finding some absolutely brilliant and encouraging quotes from famous men and women all over the world throughout the generations.

My favourite comment at the moment seeing as we're on the subject of happiness has to be this:


“There's nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.”

Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower


I'm currently reading a great book called 'Life is Swede' by the lovely Claire Duffy a fellow blogger who writes over at The Grass is Dancing. I'm really enjoying it so far despite my inability to sit still and concentrate (this is my fault and not the books) so I'll keep you updated on how it's going!

If you have a passion for all things reading then why not connect with TheWhatNowBlog on www.goodreads.com by clicking here and perhaps you can give me some ideas and a little push to get me reading more! 

So until tomorrow have a wonderful evening everyone, happy reading if that is what you have planned and thank you for reading this post. As always please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, books and ideas with me! I love to hear from you all.