Working On The Move!

Well Friday is almost through and so begins another glorious Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. Let's pray for sunshine (although the forecast doesn't look great!) and lots of relaxing and fun for this final summer Bank Holiday.

I'm currently getting myself organised for a trip to Italy for a family wedding and so thought today I would share with you a few new bits and bobs that I plan to take with me to help out with blogging on the road. I have just a couple of things to share - not my full work on the go selection. If you want a bit more of an idea of what else I might use you can see more in this previous post here.

So let's take a look - this is a combo of work-useful/relax and learn type things!


EARPHONES - Firstly when travelling like most people I like to take a good pair of earphones. These come in useful for many reasons. On the plane to cancel out the bumps and fear inducing noises (I'm not a great flyer), by the pool when relaxing and listening to music but also - from a work(ish) point of view - for catching up on my YouTube subscriptions. I subscribe to quite a few bloggers on YouTube and really enjoy watching their posts for inspiration. It's something I'm thinking of giving a go in the future - but blogging is enough of a learning curve for me right now.

These earphones are great - bigger than your little in-ear type of earphone but not so huge that they are a pain to carry and get out of your bag. They're from Bowers & Wilkins - oh and they look quite pretty too!

NOTEBOOK - So I always keep a notebook on me for emergency thoughts and things! Even though I have my phone for making notes - sometimes you just need the space to scribble and create memos on paper. At the moment I'm using this lovely little one from Moleskine. I bought mine when I was on Brick Lane recently at the very lovely Brick Lane Bookshop but you can find it online here.

BOOK - I have a great book that I'm currently reading on my Kindle so I'll be looking to finish that but I've also recently purchased a couple of work/healthy mind related books the old fashioned way! One such book is the one pictured above called Mistakes I Made at Work. This is the one I plan to take a peek at whilst on the move. 

The books tagline is '25 Influential Women Reflect in What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong' and it sounds like an interesting and inspiring read. I'll be sure to give you an update on here once I've delved into it further.

PENCIL CASE - Well, for said notebook above I need a reliable selection of pencils and pens with me so I picked up this teeny but perfect little pencil case from H&M. At only £3.99 it will be ideal for the job in question and also matches nicely with my black hand luggage bag!

WALLET - To match the pencil case I also grabbed a handy little wallet for keeping various little bits and bobs in. I'll probably fill it with business cards just in case they come in handy. This was also from H&M - there isn't a link to the exact one online although it was new in my local store. This is a similar one here.


So there we have it - a few new bits to keep me motivated and organised whilst on my trip. What are your work on the move must haves and will you be giving any of the above a try? Let me know your thoughts and have a brilliant weekend everyone.