Take Care Of Your Body For Life

As you may know if you read this blog regularly one of the key things that I try to focus on is the importance of a good work-life balance for both the body and mind.

Today’s modern environment no longer naturally lends itself very easily to a healthy and balanced life and as I am coming to understand more and more, it is up to us as individuals to seek this out for ourselves in whatever form we may require.

Sitting at a desk, on a sofa, in a car or wherever you may find yourself for hours on end in this day and age is not conducive to a healthy body. It doesn’t challenge us to engage all of the muscles that we need to sustain a fit and healthy physique in the longer term.

So when I was recently asked along to the beautiful POWMAK Studios to experience their studios, ethos and fantastic new method of exercise – POWMIX I jumped at the chance. Not only because I knew that readers in and around Windsor would be interested but because I believe that learning more about looking after your body for the longer term is something that can resonate with people everywhere.

When I share with you what I learnt I hope you will agree and be as inspired as I was!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

The POWMAK Studios are based at the Windsor Marina on Maidenhead Road – one of Windsor’s best-kept secrets! They are currently in their 5th year and have a well-established core of experienced teachers who are always on hand to help you achieve your goals.

I spent the morning with a number of team members including Sam, the studios Founder and the creator behind the new fitness fusion POWMIX.

Alongside this new fitness method they also offer traditional Mat Pilates (POWMAT) and have a fully equipped studio with (amongst other things) Reformers, Benches, Towers and Wunda Chairs where they offer their POWMAX classes - a fusion of resistance training, dance and functional movements plus much, much more all depending on the varied needs and requirements of the individual.

There are many unique features of the studio and its way of working. The team is made up of enthusiastic individuals with varied backgrounds including dance and personal training. All are trained in the unique POWMAK style and are always on hand to help with whatever you may need. To help you to improve and strengthen and to focus on what you wish to get out of your exercise session.

Sessions are kept small and always consist of two teachers - on hand to make sure you are getting the attention and help that you need, help tailored to your body’s unique requirements.

Sam is very keen that you work with a multitude of team members during any given session, week, month so that you learn from a wide variety of expertise. She believes that everyone can offer and contribute something new to your goals and offer valuable insight as to how to achieve them.

This is a different approach to many gyms and studios that you may find yourself in and I believe is one of the things that sets the studio apart in terms of the rounded approach that they can offer you.

After getting to know the machines and the POWMAX Studio we moved on to learn more about the very exciting POWMIX!

The Specially Designed POWMIX Equipment

The Specially Designed POWMIX Equipment

In the POWMIX Studio

In the POWMIX Studio

POWMIX is a brand new fusion designed by Sam herself incorporating a number of techniques in order to achieve a strong and healthy body.

Using Pilates, Traditional Yoga, Cardio and High Intensity training as well as so much more, this technique will get you working muscles you didn’t even know that you had, and will support you as you strengthen and grow your fitness levels and sustainability.

The equipment has been designed especially to suit this offering you support and the ability to push yourself further, accessing deeper core muscles in a way that you may not be able to achieve so readily with the more traditional forms of exercise.

For example - the spring harness helped me to more accurately sustain and hold the well-known plank exercise giving me greater time to correct and adjust my muscles and make sure I was supporting myself properly. Plus I was able to do real press-ups for the first time! All the time knowing that I was using the correct core muscles to stabilise my lower back (an area in which I have a particular weakness) and finally being able to access and use more of the muscles in my arms that usually chicken out and leave my legs to it! Boy did I know I’d used my arms – they certainly felt like jelly later that day!

POWMIX in Motion

POWMIX in Motion

It really is an innovative and fantastic technique offering real results. One of the class members had only been taking part for three weeks and had already seen a big change in her strength and physique.

However it isn’t just about achieving quick results, nor is it just about the outside but rather the core of you on the inside. We have to consider changing the way we utilize our bodies for the longer term. This technique is about giving you strength, helping you to sustain this for the future to alleviate pain and injury and to live as well as you possibly can.

Demonstration of the Flying Eagle

Demonstration of the Flying Eagle

Oh and whilst I was there I couldn’t resist attempting the slightly ambitious Flying Eagle! Demonstrated by Lauren one of the teachers above.

I have a background in dance training (many years back) but was pleased to see that a bit of that strength still remained. The biggest fear was loosing my grip!

That was the great thing about spending time at this studio. Instead of coming away feeling like I can’t achieve this and that, I came away feeling stronger and standing taller. The confidence that exercise like this can bring is fantastic and something that everyone should get on board with no matter how nervous they might feel at the prospect.

We are all capable of so much more than we think we are – all we need is a little encouragement and the willingness to give it a go.

Try it out and see – I think you’ll be surprised at just what you can achieve!

My Attempt!

My Attempt!

The POWMAK team are currently running a brilliant offer on the POWMIX method for the month of October, unlimited access for just £50 (subject to availability of sessions). Well worth checking out!

To find out more and to book yourself in for your initial assessment please contact:

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Web: www.powmak.com

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