National Work Life Week

Hello all! I hope that everyone is well and enjoying a great week so far.

Today on the blog I want to shine a bright beacon of light on an event that is happening in the UK next week. An important event that I think people from all working backgrounds, careers and aspects of life can hopefully learn, benefit and greatly gain from - National Work Life Week.

This is an annual event run by the charity Working Families an organisation that encourages and supports working parents and carers and also helps employers to create workplaces that offer a better work-life balance for everyone. They are the UK's leading work-life balance organisation and at their core they believe that such a balance is truly achievable for everyone, producing far more loyal, productive and engaged employees therefore benefitting both employee and employer, work and home equally.

I've spoken before about the importance of a good work-life balance, it's something that I firmly believe in and am becoming more and more passionate about the more that I learn through the process of running this blog.

I do believe it is achievable and not only that, I think it is extremely important for your health, relationships and all manner of other critical aspects of your life.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

This annual event is now in its fifth year and this year has gained considerable extra traction and relevance with the 'Right to Request Flexible Working' having been extended, as of the 30th of June 2014, to all employees with over six months service. This puts the opportunity to achieve a decent work-life balance well back into the reach of everyone plus highlights the importance of employers talking to their employees about their well-being in the workplace.

There will be a number of great events, webcasts, podcasts and resources available throughout next week and beyond. I urge you to take a look and see what you yourself can take from these great initiatives to help improve your own working life: National Work Life Week 2014

You can also find a lot more information and inspiration by following #NationalWorkLifeWeek on Twitter where a great deal of fantastic activity is already taking place minute to minute.

The week will also include 'Go Home on Time Day' on Wednesday 24th of September which as the name suggests is your chance to reassess your work-life balance and improve your own well-being by going home on time and getting on with something that will benefit you personally, beyond the constraints of your working day. Again there are some brilliant real time ideas and inspiration coming through on Twitter, Facebook and all sorts of social media streams - take a peek at #WhatWillYouBeDoing #GHOTD and get inspired!

Is work-life balance something that you struggle with? Do you think that it is achievable or are you so overwhelmed that you just can't see it becoming true for you? Let me know your situation and what you think - or any advice and tips that you would like to share for getting, and perhaps more importantly, maintaining a good work life balance? 

Plus will you be going home on time next Wednesday? What will you be doing? Let me know -Tweet me @TheWhatNowBlog or leave me a comment below. It would be fantastic to have your feedback.

Have a great week all.