For When You Can't Sleep

Happy Saturday all! It's a bit of a rainy day where I am today so I'm sitting at my desk writing some posts and catching up with a few bits and pieces. This afternoon will be spent watching a movie, Gone Girl, at The Lounge which I'm very pleased about. My husband was given vouchers as a gift so what a perfect day to spend cosy-ing up in a place where they actually bring you food, drink and all sorts throughout the movie and you lay back in a comfy chair and forget about the worries outside. Well I'm expecting it to be great, I'll let you know!

Before I head off I thought I'd share a quick little post with you. I recently bought this great little Can't Sleep Write Now journal and seeing as I've talked before about the stresses of struggling to sleep at times, thought it was a useful item to point out here on the blog.

Much of my personal night-time sleep related stress is due to not being able to switch off and stop thinking about all of the things I need to do, should have done, maybe should't have done and am now concerned about! It can be a real pain and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who suffers from this annoying problem.

This journal is great - ok so you could easily buy a regular notepad I get that and I've been through a fair few in the past but this just seemed like quite an official looking item to stand by my bedside!

Inside it has a number of great quotes and proverbs to calm and inspire as well as giving you prompts and ideas about what to write about. For example - write about a particular dream you have just experienced, write the shortest story you've ever written and all other sorts of interesting distractions from what might be troubling you.

I think it's a sweet little find and thought that you all might like it too - so here it is shared for weekend inspiration!

Whatever you're up to this weekend may it be a very happy one despite the ailing weather (well here in the UK anyway) and see you next week for some more events, ideas and general ramblings.

Sleep well this evening and let me know what it is that keeps you from a restful nights slumber and what you do to counteract it?

Farewell for now.