What's On My Desk? Autumn Treats

Evening everyone!

I thought today seeing as there has been a bit of a noticeable change in seasons recently it was time to do an updated 'What's On My Desk' post to show you some slightly more autumnal pieces that have found their way to the side of my keyboard over the last few weeks.

I last did a similar post back in April for the lead into summer which, if you missed it, you can still see here. Now I have some new bits to show you that I will be reaching for throughout the next few months - so here we go!

1. Firstly this Denman Compact Brush is a real winner. I recently swapped over to a large Denman brush for everyday use as the brush that I had was ripping my hair to shreds and causing me quite a bit of pain in the process. I stumbled on this compact version and had to grab it. I'll probably use it mainly for my work bag when on the move in town for meetings and so on. It folds up into a tiny small circular size and also has a handy little mirror in the lid. The bristles themselves are very forgiving and I find them pretty easy to glide through tangled, wind blown and rain withered hair.

2. I've gathered together a few new varnishes recently ready for the autumnal, winter look and I'll probably do a post on all of them at some point. However right now I'm really loving the Sally Hansen Nail Varnish '374 Mauve Along' a nice neutral and easy to apply colour for the transition from summer to autumn. I'm not quite ready to bust out the dark reds, purples and blacks so this is a nice in between colour that goes well with pretty much anything. I think it's quite a good wear to the office colour as it's pretty neutral but very smart.

3. The Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum has been coming in very handy for smoothing out my mane in this slightly more temperamental weather. It's really lightweight and smells delightful adding a little shine and taming stray hair in one easy application. The 10ml size is a perfect teeny handbag item as well.

4. The mini tin of the Vinegar Hill Pomegrante and Pear Candle is burning away by my side as we speak and is a divine autumn scent that's not too heavy and wintery but light, fruity and crisp. Getting me in the mood for the darker months by making everything seem so cosy.

5. So I must confess this next item is more of a throw back to summer than an autumn inspired product. The Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Lemon Oil reminds me of sipping Limoncello in the sun and is my tribute to the lovely balmy summer that we've just experienced. It's the first Lanolips product I've tried, pricey really for a lip balm but it is very good! Light in texture, tastes great although I know I'm not supposed to eat it, and really hydrating. My little burst of sunshine for a dreary day.

6. Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs - well what can I say I'm a tic tac fiend and I couldn't resist trying this lovely looking strawberry selection!

7. So I've mentioned this before but I'm always on the hunt for good quality hand creams especially in the colder months as I get the most horrendously sore and cracked skin on my hands. I thought I'd give the Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan and Grapeseed Hand Cream a go for the month of October. It's quite light so it probably won't do the trick quite enough when it starts to get really cold but for now it's just right. Plus with the added scent of fig leaf, citrus and pomegranate it smells divine!

8. Now a very long time ago when I was still at school I used to use the Impulse body sprays all the time. For that very reason I've kind of avoided them since as my taste for fancy perfume has evolved over the years. However the other day when one of my closest friends was visiting from Australia and staying at mine I couldn't help but comment on the lovely fragrance coming from the spare room every morning. Expecting to be dazzled with some great new perfume she gladly informed me that it was in fact the Impulse Very Pink Roses and Grapefruit Body Spray. Shocked and delighted I hot footed it down to the shops the next day and popped one into my basket. I have to say I've really enjoyed using it. I still use my perfume but I finish off with a good spray of this as well or use it to freshen up throughout the day - lovely!

So there we go a few little things to keep me going and freshen the day either whilst working away at my desk or on the move between meetings over the next few months. I hope you like the selection and let me know if you'll be trying out any of the products above or what you current go to desk top beauty products are?