Primp Up Your Office

Happy 1st of October everyone! I thought today for this new month it would be fitting to take a look at having a revamp of your work space.

Quite often when you decide to suddenly start working from home you just kind of start doing it. You don't necessarily have the luxury of an office space or even that much room to work in.

I'm very lucky that we have a spare room at the top of our house that I've been able to squeeze a desk and a computer into - stopping me from stooping over a laptop all day and altogether much better for my back(ish!) but even so I still find myself daydreaming about a dream office space.

We all hear about these fancy office spaces in the city with pods, table tennis, slides and all sorts! Well I dream of a nice airy, bright white office space with all sorts of smart trimmings, bright lights and other picturesque inspiration. In fact I spend a little bit of that daydreaming time pinning my ideas onto my Dream Office Pinterest board just incase I need a landscape of prettiness to refer back to one day. That's when I'm busy procrastinating away!

So the other day when an email popped up in my inbox from the very lovely Lu over at Let's Go Hme well I just couldn't resist taking a quick sneaky peek! 

Photograph: Let's Go Hme

Photograph: Let's Go Hme

The Let's Go Hme shop has recently launched and it has some really pretty and affordable accessories that of course would be great for styling your home but, I also think would do a pretty good job of sparkling up the average office space.

I particularly love the look of their pretty cushions which I think would quite simply and quickly perk up even the dullest of rooms. Plus I've kind fallen in love with the wall butterflies pictured above - I know they might not be particularly functional but they would certainly brighten up a dull space in a very simple way.

I also don't think I'd be able to resist popping one of the lovely looking mugs on my desktop to make me feel a little chirpier! The castle print one below is pretty cool - I could see me sipping my daily tea quota out of that quite happily.

In fact Lu is a pattern and print designer and this very design along with a lot of the other beautiful prints you see on the products is one of her own - lovely.

Photograph: Let's Go Hme

Photograph: Let's Go Hme

So anyway as I spend the rest of my day going off into my own interior inspired spaced out little world I will leave you with some very exciting news.

Let's Go Hme have very kindly offered to give you my lovely readers a special 25% off of all online orders placed during the month of October. Just visit their website and upon checkout quote the code: WHATNOW25 to apply your special discount.

The offer expires on Friday 31st October and is only while stocks last - but go on take a peek and see if anything takes your fancy. Who knows by the time Autumn is fully upon us you could be all nice and cosy in your newly smartened and primped office space tapping away at your computer surrounded by bright new inspiration.