A Very Brief Adventure In Beautiful Mostar, Bosnia

As part of our trip to Croatia we took another day trip, as we did with Montenegro which you can read about here, to get a very brief, but equally enthralling taste of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now one day in a country certainly does not an expert make, and as you might expect with a day trip, this was a busy and somewhat tourist driven experience. Still, I wanted to share some photos here today and tell you a little of what I learned because this rainy Sunday afternoon in Bosnia really was an experience worth having and one that I will always remember.

Stari Most

Now tours such as this are very easy to book, and at pretty short notice, through one of the numerous tour operators based in the city of Split in Croatia. Just a couple of hours drive in a mini bus and across the border will take you from Split to the picturesque Bosnian city of Mostar and this is where we spent most of our afternoon.

Stari Most Ground View

Mostar is a truly stunning location, visually beautiful and steeped in history. The most iconic landmark has to be Stari Most or the old bridge as it is also known. Sadly almost completely destroyed in 1993 during the conflict with neighbouring Croatia, it has since been lovingly rebuilt using original stone dredged from the river bed below. It's a truly beautiful site and it was sad to watch its destruction in footage shown in a nearby library. However its glory has been restored and now it serves as an architectural masterpiece and a demonstration of peace and reconciliation.

Mosque View Mostar

Another very worthwhile stop is the nearby Koskin-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque. Here you can climb the 89 steps to the top of the minaret and peer out at the beautiful view, a great spot from which to view the old bridge and take in the glimmering green Neretva River below. There is also a very pretty courtyard, fountain and garden area that is worth a little stroll to take in a little more of the cobbled beauty of this pretty city.

Koskin Mehmed Pashas Mosque
Mostar Cobbled Streets

Mostar was a treat for both the eyes and for the soul. So much prettiness and full of hope despite its troubled past. Our time there may have been short but it will stay in my mind as one of my favourite travel memories for long to come. I hope you've enjoyed this brief adventure and some of the photographs that we captured whilst we were there. If you're considering a trip to this part of the world don't hesitate. I myself certainly hope to go back and learn much more one day.

Farewell for now travel friends!