A Much Needed Break From My Screen: Weekend Reading Inspiration

For many years now, since my teenage days indulging in the joys of the likes of Bliss and Smash Hits, I've been a magazine addict! Choosing to glean ideas and inspiration from the glossy goodness of my favourite issues. My tastes may have changed since then (thankfully) but I still love to get my hands on a good read in the form of a beautiful monthly mag. Sunday mornings, a cup of tea and a good flick through the most recent edition of one of my favourites equals my idea of heaven.

So when I was recently asked to become part of the blogger network at magazine.co.uk, an online subscription site that offers sizeable discounts on some of the UK's leading publications, it seemed like a match made in blogging heaven. I was honoured and excited to have the chance to get involved. 


Whilst I may usually be found happily buzzing away in the online world of blogging and social media, when it comes to a monthly catch up on all things fashion, beauty, travel and perhaps the odd sprinkling of celebrity gossip, then as far as I'm concerned you just can't beat the real deal. Online subscriptions are great, but I like something a little more tangible that I can hold on to, fold over the pages, make notes and stash away for future reference. 

I'm often talking on here about switching off and disconnecting now and again from the digital world. Reading provides the perfect way to turn away from the bright screen of your phone, tablet or computer and do just that. Avoiding the temptation to respond to those incoming emails, look at updates, alerts and all the other online distractions. It's really the perfect way to unwind and relax but still providing you with a little interest and stimulation.

Although I do love to read I do find it hard to find the time to squeeze in an actual book these days. I always have one on the go but it might take me a while to get through it with everything else going on in my life, especially now that I don't commute which was always the very best time for me when it came to reading! 

A magazine brings you bite-sized instant inspiration and I love that you can be privy to a number of intriguing new ideas right at your fingertips, picking and choosing what really matters to you and getting a taste for subjects, events and activities that perhaps you never previously knew existed. Tickling your fancy for further exploration where you may please.

Over the next year I'm going to be the lucky recipient of three magazine subscriptions to get my teeth into. Red Magazine which is pretty much my all time favourite for womens fashion, beauty, health and travel - a little bit of everything that I love.

Psychologies Magazine which will be a new read for me but one that I can't wait to get stuck into as I know some of the topics will really strike up my interest and hopefully inform some exciting new topics and ideas for this blog.

Then finally but equally excitingly, Wanderlust Travel Magazine which I'm sure is going to speak loudly and clearly to the travel bunny within me! I can't wait to get my hands on this one and indulge my passion for travel, learning more about some of the most fascinating and far flung corners of the earth.

So keep an eye out for more thoughts coming your way as I explore these three choices in greater detail and share with you the things I learn and love from the topics that I read about.

In the meantime if you're feeling intrigued to learn more or perhaps get your hands on your very own subscription then why not check out The Hub the magazine.co.uk blog where you will be able to read articles produced by fellow bloggers (and eventually me!) as well as select your very own subscription should something exciting tickle your fancy.

For now I'm off to get ahead on my weekend reading and I hope to see you back here very soon. Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend.



*This post contains some affiliate links