What Is Periscope And Who's Worth Tuning In To?

These days there seems to be another new addition to the world of social media on an almost daily basis. It can be hard to know whether or not each new platform is worth getting involved in, and investing any of your time into.

Periscope is one such app that has been causing quite a stir since its launch in late March this year. The live video streaming app from Twitter hit 1 million users in its first 10 days, with 10 million people creating an account to date (although not necessarily using it!) and over 2 million active users tuning in and live streaming on a daily basis. So it would seem that we can't quite get enough of this particular newbie and that for now, it's very much here to stay. 

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Being owned by Twitter means you can sign into Periscope easily via your Twitter account and immediately begin live streaming your own content or tuning into the live feeds of pretty much anyone else online around the world. Users are reportedly watching up to 40 years worth of live video every single day! 

It's kind of like Google Hangouts but ultimately much easier to use. The app enables users to log on quickly and easily on the go and stream anything and everything, from their mundane walk to work to an exciting insight and front row seat at an event that we might all be wishing we are at. People are using Periscope for business, to connect with their followers instantly and answer questions face to face and to stream breaking news on the spot as and when it happens. The scope of this application is huge and likely to continue to grow.

Viewers tuning into a scope can ask the broadcaster questions instantly, live, and offer up hearts (or bats this month if you use #Halloween in your title!) if they like what they see. The fact that it's connected to Twitter makes it quicker than usual to build your followers and let people know when you're about to scope. Videos remain live on Periscope for 24 hours after their initial broadcast. So if you're unable to tune in live, you can catch your favourite broadcaster later in the day and still tune in to what they had to share or say that day.

It's important to note that live streaming, especially on the go, is not without its downsides. Personal safety and security is the first thing that comes to mind, and live streaming your walk to work might seem like a harmless thing to do, but exercising caution to keep yourself safe should still be very much at the forefront of your mind. Unfortunately as with all these things you will get exposed to the online haters. I've watched some broadcasts where people have tuned in purely to make nasty comments and that's not nice to experience, especially live. Broadcasters can block such users, but this remains an application that should be used wisely and with some aforethought.

Warnings aside I've really been enjoying using this app and although I haven't ventured into streaming live content myself, have found some really useful and interesting people to watch. So I thought today I'd share my top picks for those of you considering tuning into other peoples scopes for some business, blogging and lifestyle ideas and inspiration. 



1. KIM GARST @KimGarst

Kim Garst is a super social media expert! She shares her wealth of expertise and tips in her daily ScopingForBiz broadcasts on Periscope. Many of these are based on using Periscope as a marketing tool but often I will catch other extremely interesting tutorials on how to best utilise other social media platforms too. Her recent scope on how to get the most out of Facebook on zero budget was one of my faves and was incredibly useful.

2. ALEX PETTITT @alexpettitt

Alex Pettitt is ranked as the number one Periscope user in the UK and number three overall in Europe. If you really want to see Periscope used to its full potential and learn more about it, then tuning in to Alex will serve you very well. He shares many 'behind the scenes' mini broadcasts and effectively demonstrates the power of Periscope as a tool for instantly communicating and sharing with your audience.


I've read Hayley's award winning beauty blog for a long time now but I've also really enjoyed watching her broadcasts on Periscope. Whilst she does scope about what's new in beauty, Hayley also regularly broadcasts about blogging topics that people like me really need to learn and know about, plus she's not afraid to speak her mind and be open and candid with her audience.

Some recent useful scopes have included an explanation of the updated ASA disclosure regulations for bloggers which was incredibly helpful as well as tips on how to work with brands and PR's when putting together sponsored content. Plus she's always open to questions and helping out fellow bloggers whenever and wherever she can.

4. GLOBAL PERISCOPE @GlobalPeriscope

A curated live feed of some of the best scopes from around the world. Tune in to feast on anything and everything from beautiful sunsets, street art and other very watchable live escapism from around the world.

5. EVE MAYER @LinkedInQueen

Eve Mayer is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and in her weekly scopes she presents very useful social media tips, tricks and updates that come in handy for anyone looking to grow their business and online presence.


Do you use Periscope? What are your thoughts on this platform and who do enjoy watching for tips and tricks to enhance your daily working life?