Snapchat: Love It? Loathe It? Who To Follow?

Around about 18 months ago I downloaded the Snapchat app, created an account, stared at it feeling dazed and confused for about an hour, gave up and forgot about it! Until recently that was my Snapchat story and I thought that myself and the snappy little app were done. Short, sweet and over before I could even figure out how to use it.

Account Pictured: Dasha Battelle

Account Pictured: Dasha Battelle

It's kind of quite well known that Snapchat is one of the least intuitive apps to use. In fact it sort of prides itself on that fact, almost like a secret club that you can't quite work out how to get into.

Although first released way back in 2011, it's over the past year or two that the app has started to gather a far wider audience. The appeal lies in being able to 1. work out how to use it, and 2. figure out who to follow so that you can see an unfiltered, in the moment, behind the scenes view into the world of your friends, your favourite celeb or some other form of online influencer.

Before I continue, I must emphasise the fact that I'm no techno expert, despite my recent post on Periscope and now this but I do enjoy trying these things out and investigating. So refusing to be deterred by my earlier attempt into the Snapchat world, I've decided to give it another go.

For me the jury is out. I'm still in the early stages of my journey into this snappy world and I haven't quite figured out if I really see the appeal. That said, seeing as it's now the third most popular social network amongst millennials, and definitely here to stay, I guess I'm going to have to keep an open mind and see what happens.

Having tuned in to some of the usual suspects I've found a core few whose snaps and videos are incredibly creative. It always thrills and amazes me how people develop such unusual ways to use these things! So I thought I'd share some of my favourites here today. If you're new to the app too (unless I'm literally the very last one to the party) then you may find these accounts worth a follow for something a little more intriguing than the usual. Oh and don't forget to add me! I'll be sure to follow back, it'll be nice to find some fellow bloggers out there to connect with. Find me on username: whatnowblog



1. Mike Platco @mplatco

Mike Platco is a Boston based Snapchat influencer and professional Snapchat artist who creates personal snappy artwork as well as work for well known brands. When a snap or mini video comes through from Mike I watch immediately because they always make me smile, are creative and quite often involve his dog. So ticks all round from me!

2. Dasha Battelle @Dabttll

Dash Battelle is another Snapchat artist whose creations are really very beautiful. All the more impressive given that they are all created purely with her phone and finger! No stylus used here. New York based, Dasha's creations are intricate and beautiful and it's always fun to see them when they pop up on the app. Oh and she happens to work for Snapchat too so expect fun behind the scenes footage of what she gets up to day to day.

3. Geeohsnap @geeohsnap

This is such a cool account! Geeohsnap is the account of a Norwegian Snapchat artist who snaps people he walks by in the street and uses Snapchat art to create unique creative stories and place them into random and elaborate environments. So someone sitting on a fence minding their own business suddenly looks as if they're rocketing off to the moon! That sort of thing. This aptly titled 'Random People Project' went viral in 2014 and has earned its creator a huge and well deserved following. The last few days have seen some brilliant Halloween creations that have really made me smile! 


If you're new to the app, are thinking of downloading it, and you end up, like me, getting stuck at the first hurdle i.e. how to even use it, then this post from Mashable will come in very handy. It helped me and I hope it helps you too! The Beginner's Guide To Snapchat.

What do you think of this app? Do you use it and who do you like to follow? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.