10 Unusual Things You Don't Know About Me

So I was going to keep you with me overseas in Croatia this week but to be honest I've been a little under the weather and was struggling to finish editing my photos and gather the last few bits and pieces from our travels that I'd still like, at some point, to share with you! We will come back to that another day and instead I've really enjoyed putting this post together to take you into the weekend.

I was tagged by the lovely Laura Vonka to write this and have searched the far edges of my brain for enough unusual facts to share with you. Hoping not to be too bland but equally not too bizarre. Here are 10 rather odd things you might not know about me! Plus why not have a think about your own oddities! It's really quite a fun and relaxing thing to do - a nice way to take a break from the routine of your day.

Unusual Things About Me


1. I LOVE old seventies crime, detective shows. Put me in front of an episode of Columbo, Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis Murder and I'll be in my element. Not because I like murder or crime! It's just something about the era, the very questionable scripts and sometimes downright odd performances that I find incredibly comforting! Perhaps I was privy to watching them a lot as a child without realising and something about them makes me feel safe and at home. Strange but true!

2. Dogs are my absolute and complete world. Anyone that knows me well won't find it a surprise to see this listed here. As I write, my spaniel is sat tucked up beside me and my husband often comments on how we just go everywhere together! I once noted to him that my ideal future would involve owning 40,000 cocker spaniels and I still stand by this comment. 

3. I once played Snow White in pantomime. Yep! After leaving drama school this was my first paid gig - at the Colour House Theatre in Merton at the weekends, and going into primary schools throughout the week. I will forever remember just how much the kids truly believed I really was Snow White. The hugs and tears from the sweetest little girls who had; 'watched me on their DVD' and the little boys that would yell how much I basically got what I deserved if I was stupid enough to eat that apple!! Fun and memorable times!

4. People find it really odd that I don't have a middle name. I just don't and I never really thought much of it, but many people find that very confusing! I'm intrigued to know - do you have a middle name? Am I the only one out there without one?!

5. I really do not take a good photo. Ever wonder why you rarely see a picture of me on this blog?! This isn't so much a vanity thing, it's a genuine reality that the camera really doesn't like me. Whether I've spent hours getting ready or have greasy hair, no makeup and am in my PJ's the outcome is often much the same. When that shutter goes off, my face goes all squidgy, my eyes pretty much ALWAYS close and I pull a sort of odd Joker-esque style smile that freaks me and everyone else out! It really isn't something that the rest of the world needs to see.

6. I love cheese - so much! If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be cheese, ideally with a little fresh, crusty bread and perhaps a little ham - oh and a large glass of wine! 

7. I still cannot get to the end of Bambi, The Ugly Duckling or in fact The Number 10 Duckling without crying. I just get so anxious that she can't get that tenth little duckling out of the swimming pool! You could say that I feel things quite deeply, a fact I'm very proud of!

8. Tea and me are a match made in heaven. In that sense I am so stereo-typically British. I have travelled many places in my time; Russia, Mongolia, China, South-East Asia, the full length of Central America, and everywhere I go I always manage to find tea somewhere, in some just about acceptable form or another! Best cup in the most unusual place that springs to mind? Has to be in a hidden off-beat cafe in San Cristobal De Las Casas in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Now that was a proper cup of tea!

9. I'd love to own a goat - or two, or three. Alongside my love for dogs I've always been a huge fan of goats! I've been warned that they're something of a nightmare to own, eating everything and getting in everywhere and trampling stuff without a second thought, but it doesn't put me off. I once got very annoyed with my husband for deleting a photo of one of the best goats I've ever seen in my life when we were travelling in Thailand. Still haven't forgotten that Dan! Plus I can often be found chuckling at the fabulous-ness that is the fainting goat on YouTube. I just love em!

10. I adore cupcakes. This doesn't really need any further explanation, I just adore all that cupcake-y goodness! Top of the list? The joy that is red velvet from the Hummingbird Bakery. You really cannot beat it.


So in the spirit of this tag I'd like to nominate some fellow bloggers that I admire to bring forth their top 10 unusual facts about themselves! Step forward if you dare Carolin from Style Lingua, Uli from Found Some Paper, Bella from The other 'F-word' and Emma from Emma Inks!

Have a great weekend everyone, embrace your inner unusualness and let me know in the comments one truly unusual thing about you that you'd like to share with the rest of the world. I'd love to hear about your own joys, quirks and eccentricities!