3 Things To Help You Heal And Relax This Weekend

It's Friday! Oh yay! Very nearly time for the weekend. If you're in need of a little downtime and can fit in some time just for you, I have 3 things, tried and tested, that I suggest you reach for to help you feel good. There's a focus on relaxing and also on healing given the colder weather and the winter colds that are going around. Here are my picks to help you feel a little better and unwind.

Relax This Weekend

1. Calm Your Mind.

Just recently I've been really enjoying the Rituals Meditation App to help me to calm down, breathe and refocus. It's free, bonus, really very simple to use and as far as I'm concerned, very effective. You don't have to enter any details or sign up to anything. You just open the app, select whether you want to relax your body, mind or just enjoy the moment, choose how long you wish the meditation to last, from 5 up to 20 minutes, and then sit back and listen as you're guided through a very calming, quiet and mindful moment that will really help you to identify any tension and switch off. 

Rituals Meditation App

2. Read A Great Book.

The other day someone in something I was watching, and for the life of me I can't remember who, said that they have to schedule in 30 minutes of reading time each day to make sure that they do it. Now my initial reaction was blimey that's ridiculous! Then I sat and thought for a moment and realised that their 30 minutes a day was far, far more than the all but 20 minutes I've probably managed this month! Sad fact but with my life becoming increasingly more and more digitally orientated it's very true. Don't get me wrong, I do read - online articles, blog posts, news and other mini snippets here and there. But myself and the book, well we've well and truly fallen out of touch for a long time.

I've been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin for far too long now. It hasn't taken me so long because it isn't good, it's really, really great. It's just that I keep neglecting reading a real book for other distractions and it's been woefully cast aside far too many times. However I've finally read and absorbed every last morsel and I thoroughly loved it. I've picked up so many ideas that I'm going to have to share further and deeper thoughts in future blog posts! But if you're looking for some positive inspiration this weekend then this is definitely worth picking up at your local bookshop.

The Happiness Project

3. Take A Healing Bath.

So pretty much the entire month of October for me this year was lost to the nasty seasonal bug that was doing, and continues to do the rounds! The docs kept telling me to get steaming, bust out the eucalyptus and clear those airways whenever and wherever possible, and that's where my third and final recommendation for today comes in.

The C.O. Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak is a gem and was a real lifesaver worth investing in for healing those troubled blocked pipes and pesky aches and pains. Okay it's not cheap for a bath soak, it's a treat, but if you're feeling really crappy then it will definitely help to do the trick. The instructions recommend using 4-6 capfuls in your bath but from my experience just 1 will do the job as it's very potent and plenty strong enough. Thus ensuring the product lasts much longer and will see you through the very worst of your bout of cold or flu. 

C.O. Bigelow Cold And Flu Soak

So those are my seasonal picks to help perk you up this winter weekend! Have you tried any of these or read or created your very own happiness project? What are your go to favourites for this time of year to help you unwind and feel better? Share your thoughts in the comments below and whatever your plans this weekend I hope you have a great one.