Switching Off For A Festive Reboot!

Hello everyone and a very happy Friday to you. It's now just a week until Christmas Day and so I thought I'd give you a quick little update on what will be happening around these parts for the next few weeks! 

Switching Off For A Festive Reboot

Now on this blog I spend a lot of time talking about getting balance, switching off, digital detoxing and taking the time you need to unwind. So I've decided this Christmas to practice what I have been preaching and will be switching off myself for a few weeks starting today.

This afternoon I'm embarking on a little overseas adventure for the Christmas holidays and instead of panicking to pre-schedule content ahead of going away as I usually would, this time I've decided to take a little break. To detox a bit from this digital world that I love, but that I'm sure will wait a while for me to have a moments reboot! Not only that but I want to enjoy the trip I'm taking and live in the moment, not just through social media. Although don't get me wrong, I'm sure there'll be a few Instagram updates if you wish to see what I'm up to!

So I'll be back very soon in the New Year with some fresh ideas that I can't wait to share with you. Ultimately I'm writing this to urge you all to take the pressure off yourselves this holiday season and try to unwind as you need to, too! Whether you have just a few minutes here or there, a couple of days, or a week or two of leisure this festive season, make sure you take time to sit back and just be you for a moment, switch off the gadgets and take in the life around you.

If you celebrate Christmas then have a very merry one. I look forward to seeing you in 2016 and continuing this What Now journey in the bright New Year.

Farewell for a little while and see you very soon.