The Office Valentine

So tomorrow is of course Valentines day! If you're celebrating with a loved one I hope you have a wonderful day.

However on another note, if cupid has recently been tempting you with romance at work and you're thinking about dating someone in your office I thought I'd offer a few do's and don'ts that you might want to watch out for in today's post.

Research has shown that nearly half of all office romances end up in marriage so there may well be something to be said for dating a colleague. However getting involved with someone at work can have serious pitfalls. You don't want to end up risking your career and your livelihood by getting into yourself into a tricky situation. Plus working with a loved one might not always be quite as fun as it may sound.

With that in mind here are a few useful tips to help you navigate the world of workplace liaisons!


1. Beware of your company/office rules. There aren't any specific laws to prevent romance between colleagues in the work environment but do make sure you're up to speed with your particular company's policy to avoid getting yourself into any hot water! Relationships between colleagues can often be frowned upon especially where there may be an issue of confidentiality between the two roles that you hold. Make sure you're informed and that you act accordingly.

2. Consider how you will react if the relationship doesn't work out. It's not fun to have to think about right at the beginning of meeting and finding a spark with someone new but in a work environment it kind of becomes very important. If for some reason your new romance was to fail and you still have to work in close contact with your ex partner are you going to be able to handle that? What if they were to meet someone new and you had to bear witness to this new relationship day after day? What if you end it and they find it hard to accept? Be honest with yourself because it could have a real effect on your working life further down the line. 

3. Keep it low key. If you do decide to go ahead then make sure you keep things low key in the workplace and around your colleagues. Avoid those public displays of affection in the kitchen or by the water cooler! No-one really wants to see that during the 9 to 5 no matter how happy they might be for you! On the flip side keep your morning argument away from the office environment and watch the language you use towards each other. Keep it professional and don't let negative vibes from that blazing row the night before affect the morale and the mood of your colleagues.

4. Beware what you share! In this day of social media be careful what you share of your time together outside of work on your Facebook, Twitter streams or anything that other colleagues or Managers may have access to. Again it's not about hiding but more about keeping it professional and respectful to the situation that you're in. Plus if you don't want to be answering any awkward questions or avoiding rumours in the office then don't give them any ammunition to quiz you on or anything to talk about!

5. Keep your emotions in check. As mentioned above you will have to resist the temptation to bring your relationship into work with you especially if things aren't going so well, you're arguing and you're feeling emotional. When you sit down at that desk of a morning leave your relationship at home and don't bring tears, anger or any other negativity that may be occurring outside of the office in to the working day.

6. Treat everyone equally. Remember to keep things balanced just as you would even if the love of your life wasn't sitting a couple of desks away from you. Treat all work decisions and colleagues with equal time and respect and value everyone the same when it comes to the office environment.


Ultimately my best advice would be to be careful and really think about the reality of the environment that you're in and the consequences if things don't go quite to plan. That aside work can be a wonderful place to meet someone that you are likely to share similar interests and a similar outlook with, so providing you tread carefully and understand the situation then go for it and be happy!

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Hope to see you back here very soon. If you have any tips, advice or experiences to add to the above please do let me know in the comments below.


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