Workplace Doodles For National Doodle Day

Today I wanted to write a little extra post in addition to what I had worked out for the rest of this week and pop it in on the blog this afternoon for your consideration!

Yesterday afternoon whilst doing some work and research for some other pieces that I'm working on I stumbled across the fact that this coming Friday 6th February is National Doodle Day in the UK. Intrigued I started to look into it a bit more and last night found myself doodling away whilst watching the TV having been inspired by the idea.

National Doodle Day

Doodle day has been put together to raise money for Epilepsy Action and the idea is very simple, you doodle away, submit your doodle either by post or online and donate £1 to support people living with epilepsy. The official day is this Friday but everyone will have up until Friday 20th March to submit their doodle for entry into the big doodle day competition!

Not only that but a number of celebrities have also been getting involved and their doodles will be available via online auction this Friday. Check out the celebrity doodle gallery.

Why not get your work colleagues involved and all get doodling and donating for this brilliant event? It really couldn't be easier and I think it's just such a wonderful idea. If you think you can convince your colleagues to participate in a little doodling break-time this Friday then find out more about the whole thing here.

There's also a fantastically interesting section on the website devoted to what your doodle says about you and exactly what it is that makes us doodle - Doodle Meanings!

So if you find yourself absent-mindedly scribbling away on your notepad this week why not put it towards something great and submit and donate.

Thanks for listening/reading everyone - I think that's the most times I've ever written the word doodle - if not the only time I've ever really used that word! However I hope you agree, like me, that's it's certainly worth it.

Have a lovely Tuesday all.