Quick Smart Office Beauty Tips


Looking for some smart but super quick makeup tips to help you get ready for work fast?

Based on some old treasures alongside some new favourites, today I share some of my chosen beauty bits for keeping your makeup fresh and ready for those important moments in the office.

Work Makeup

Now of course makeup isn't the most important thing to consider when it comes to preparing for a day at work, plus I don't really recommend layering too much on. I personally think a neutral look with a little highlighting here and there is the best approach.

For those who enjoy selecting new beauty bits for the daily routine I've collated a few snippets from my collection that I think come in really useful for freshening up your look throughout the day - and indeed the working week. Items you can pick out to add to your current routine and that pack away neatly away to take with you on the run, when dealing with a busy schedule. So let's get started.

1. First why not end the weekend by prepping your nails to make them neat but a little fancy ahead of the upcoming working week? 

When I want to make an effort with my nails but don't want to reach for a colour that makes too much of an outstanding statement then I always plump for a pretty nude or neutral. There are so many to choose from out there but one of my most recent finds and top picks is Master Plan by Essie.

Described as a mischievous soft grey that will help you conquer the world, or something along those lines, it may not equal total world domination but the muted neutral, grey is easy to apply giving a lovely finish after just a couple of coats. A chic yet fairly effortless look that will go with pretty much anything for the working week ahead.

Essie Nail Varnish

2. Establish tried and trusted products that help you quickly create a natural, flawless face.

When it comes to prepping skin ready for the day ahead - reach for a primer. One that will hydrate skin and iron out some of the little flaws whilst adding illumination.  

Personally, even in the cold weather when my skin is dry from the cold air and central heating, I don't like anything too heavy on my face. That's why I've still been reaching for the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer that I bought last summer but that has also been standing me in good stead throughout the colder months. If a light and hydrating primer is what you like then this is certainly one worth trying. Designed for normal to dry skin and very soothing on sore patches and redness. The handy pump action bottle and small size makes it easy to apply and to carry around with you should you need to. For me it's currently top of my 'reach for in a rush' list! 

Next, I've also been reaching straight for my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder grabbing a large brush and lightly applying it all over. This really works for me especially if I'm really in a rush and don't want to mess around with a heavy foundation or BB cream. Sweeping this lightly over the face gives just enough finish for the day ahead. I have the shade Dim Light but there are a number of shades to choose from. Of course you may want to even out coverage first with your favourite foundation and concealer before adding this to finish and highlight.


These winter months call for a little extra help perking up the skin on the bronzing front! At the moment I find you can't go wrong with the Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette. Just a sweep along the cheek bones quickly defines and adds a little dash of colour to lacklustre, winter skin. Use this as well as the Hourglass Highlighter and apply very lightly to achieve a natural finish. However this bronzing palette is also a great standalone, and somewhat more affordable, investment for achieving a glowing finish ahead of heading out of the door to work.


I love a good blusher and when Max Factor launched these new Creme Puff Blushes I had to give one a whirl. Blusher is a great way to perk and define your face if you wake up feeling a little tired. It's also great to have with you to freshen up your look as you get towards the end of the working day.

These Max Factor beauties have a very similar look to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers that I've personally lusted after for a while now. However this drugstore option is far more affordable and I have to say, although I am not in a position to make a direct comparison, the Max Factor option is absolutely gorgeous. I actually chose quite a strong colour in the form of Gorgeous Berries. You only need a very light application of this one to achieve really stunning colour and definition. These certainly perk up the skin, are beautifully pigmented and are a really lovely addition to any working make up bag. 


3. Next ensure that you pick the eye products that will work for you first time, every time.

When it comes to eyes I'm a firm believer in finding that one palette of colours that works exactly right for you. You know the sort - the one that you know you can grab when you're in a rush that will have everything in one place in order to create exactly the right look.

My best example would be the Clinique All About Shadow Palette in Neutral Territory 2. I've been using this for nearly a year now and pretty much reach for it every time I go to do my makeup, be that for work or play. It's not the cheapest palette on the market but not the most expensive either by far - and despite its tiny size has lasted really well. 

Whether the Clinique palette looks right for you or not my main advice here is to search out and invest in a petite and handy one stop collection that will work for you and that you can always trust when you're in a rush.

Eye Makeup

If you need to perk up your eyes early in the morning then I also advise getting your hands on the  Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers pictured above. I hadn't set my hands on a pair of curlers since my teens when I used to play around with a cheap drugstore pair and achieve very little but pulling out way too many lashes. However these have revolutionised my eye lash curling experience. They really do work, they work fast and they work well giving you great curl, helping to open up the eye and brighten your look. 

However since I got my hands on the penultimate item in today's recommendations, my need for curlers hasn't been quite so desperate!

There has been a lot of hype circling the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Now I'm incredibly picky when it comes to mascara and haven't strayed from my passion for the Loreal Telescopic Mascara for goodness knows how many years now. However this one intrigued me because of the thin 'hook and roll' brush and wand. I don't like the really thick brushes that you get on most mascaras and that's why I rarely stray. I had to give this one a go though and I have to say it lives up to and, in my opinion, over and beyond the expectations. Quick and easy to use it really covers all of the lashes and really does give you the eye opening lift that it proposes it will. I'm a convert and I love it - not only that it had to go in today's post because it gives you quick, natural and very definitive results. Exactly what you need to create a smart daily look for work when you're in a hurry.

Benefit Mascara

4. Finally finish a look, or refresh your look in the afternoon with a subtle lip product that will hydrate and enliven you even in the midst of a busy day.

There are so many beautiful lip products out there to choose from but my tip is to pick a subtle and neutral product that works for you and that you can keep by your side to freshen up any look throughout the day.

My current personal favourite is the Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm in Ingenue. The colour that this provides is very minimal and subtle but it adds a nice fresh sheen. Its almost minty taste perks and plumps the lips and also kind of wakes you up when you're starting to feel a little less than lively! I also really love this because you can pretty much just apply it even without a mirror when you're on the run and be sure to achieve a brightening result with very little hassle.

Lip Pencil

So there are my four top tips for cracking the quick office makeup look as well as some of my personal recommendations for products that you may wish to try.

What are your top office beauty tips? Have you tried or do you plan to try any of the products mentioned above?

Have a wonderful Friday, a productive but also restful weekend and hope to see you back here on The What Now Blog next week.


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