Making Time For Music

We all have many things in life that we love doing but that we rarely get the time to focus, sit down and devote time to. This Sunday I've decided to prompt you to take back a little time in your lives, find something that you never get time to enjoy and spend a little time rediscovering this joy whatever it may be.


For me one of my great passions is music. It makes me feel alive and if I really connect with a song or particular piece of music it can unleash all sorts of emotions - happiness and elation, of course sometimes sadness and reflection as well as provide absolute excitement and complete motivation.

I'm not a music expert by any means, I like what I like and that can range from the incredibly mainstream to the downright obscure. To me it really doesn't matter about being cool or following trends - all that matters is the way it makes you feel. It occurred to me recently that I very rarely really get the chance to really listen to an artist that I like, or enjoy music for longer than just a snippet of background noise as I go about my daily life.

So my one thing this month that I will be making more time for is music. I'm going to make a conscious effort to listen and enjoy it on a far more regular basis and return to the music loving, toe tapping person that I once used to be!

I encourage you to have a think today about something you have neglected over the past year or so and perhaps spend a little time this afternoon getting back some of the enthusiasm that you used to have for your particular choice.

What is the one thing this month that you could do with making more time for?

In the meantime my personal picks for this afternoons listening inspiration can be heard below. Enjoy the rest of this weekend and do let me know how you get on re-connecting with whatever it is that you decide to make more time for this month.


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