Stop Saying Sorry In The Office

Are you someone who regularly apologises on a daily basis?

I have to say I think I fall into that category. I've never counted roughly how many times I say sorry in a day but I expect it's really quite a fair few. In fact recently it seems to have increased although I don't really know why. Perhaps it's the Brit in me! I suspect though it's more to do with habit plus a fair old dab of insecurity and self-doubt.


The idea for this post came to me whilst reading a short article recently entitled 'I Stopped Saying 'Sorry' For a Week.'

Considering the experiment undertaken by the writer of the piece, I sat back and considered how difficult I might find it to cut out my own overuse of the word sorry in daily life. It's almost so ingrained in me that I'm pretty sure I'd find it hard. I'm definitely one of those people who others tell to "stop apologising" so I know it's not only me that notices my blatant abuse of the word!

The affect of saying sorry in your career and working environment can be very undermining and often just so unnecessary. Of course there are times when it's absolutely correct to apologise and admit mistakes. Yet the habit of apologising for yourself on an almost constant basis is both unnecessary and destructive to your self worth as well as your position within the workplace.

Saying sorry at work can put you on the back foot from the outset, making it hard to lead, negotiate and be taken seriously by colleagues. It's akin to using other weak words and phrases such as maybe, could you, should I and possibly for example. Like sorry, these can be easily replaced with something stronger or indeed, omitted completely to better place your competency and professionalism in the work environment.

So if you're a bit like me and tend to fill your conversations and emails with this type of vocabulary, if you often catch yourself saying sorry way too often, then join me - let's sit back and think about cutting out the words we feel we should say and replacing them with the words that we really want to say.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you could cut out saying sorry so much?



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