Start Asking Yourself "What Went Right?"

I don't know about you but I have this terrible negative habit where, when I finish something, I always tend to ask myself in my head "what went wrong?" Even down to waking up in the morning, when I will wake up and search in my mind for something to worry about even though most of the time, luckily, there isn't really anything there!

What Went Right?

It's a bad habit, formed over many years and tricky to reverse. It takes a lot of talking to myself, reminding myself and consciously making myself focus on the positive instead. Think of the cup half full and not half empty and all of that sort of reasoning. At the very least I'm now able to just stop the train of thought and go off and start working on or doing something else until it subsides which is progress.

I bring this subject up because just the other afternoon I was reading an article in a magazine, an interview with Nell Gifford the fascinating Founder of Giffords Circus, and one simple line jumped right out at me. Nell was quoted in the print as saying:

"I wake up thinking 'What went right?'"

Now call me crazy but this was such a revelation to the pessimist in me, the person that wakes up most days anxious about things that might have gone wrong before they even have or ever will.

So it occurred to me that maybe this might be a positive mantra worth sharing here today on the blog. It might be incredibly obvious to some reading this, it may be your natural mindset. But if you're a bit of a worrier like me then it might just be a handy little thought to add to your armour.

The next time you finish a project at work, finish a phone call with a client or just simply tomorrow morning when you wake up - ask yourself this question instead of the negative alternative. What went right at work today? What went right in that recent project? What went right in my day yesterday?

I don't know - perhaps I'm stating the obvious but I wanted to put the thought out there, to serve as either a brand new idea or a fresh reminder that we don't always have to worry about what went wrong. Even in the most difficult of moments we can always grapple to find something positive. We just have to remind ourselves, maybe more often than we realise, to seek out the good and not focus on the bad.

So with that thought in mind have a happy weekend everyone. When you wake up to a bright new Saturday morning tomorrow ask yourself "What went right?" about the week just gone and think about the good things you can take from all the lessons, no matter how big or how small, that you will have learned.

Let me know your thoughts? I'd love to hear any other tips or mantras that you have for staying focused on the positive? 

Oh and in case you're wondering the magazine in question was the April issue of The Simple Things - a really lovely read if you can get your hands on a copy. I picked mine up in the supermarket so take a look. My new relaxing, reading find for this month.

Happy Friday!