Grab And Go Skincare Good Enough For Two

The last couple of months I've been lucky enough to try out a few different skincare brands in the name of this blog. Now I know I'm not a beauty blogger per se but like lots of people I do love to dabble in the world of beauty and skincare and give new brands that I think might work for me, and ultimately you as readers, a shot.

Flint + Flint

Flint + Flint intrigued me because of its unisex nature, sleek, smart and simple packaging and no fuss but healthy based approach to skincare. When the lovely team at Beauty Crowd offered me the chance to sample the Flint + Flint Everyday Wash* and Serum* I was keen to give them a test run. I wanted to see if they really were as appealing to both male and female in lieu of how wonderfully practical and easy it would be to have something that you could both reach for on a daily basis, sitting on your bathroom shelf.

Beauty Crowd is an online market-place for unique and intriguing brands that I, and possibly you, have likely never heard of before. They have some truly lovely ranges that I've enjoyed having a browse of over recent months. With some lovely inspiration for products to help you relax, unwind and feel your best - right up my street!

Flint + Flint Skincare

Now for a little background on the makers of the range themselves - a husband and wife team, UK based, with several years experience in the beauty industry. They were looking for good quality skincare that they could trust at a reasonable price and hit upon a problem. They weren't able to find the quality they were after without paying a huge price tag.

So they set out to create their own. With the premise that it must be effective, simple, easy to use and not sitting on the shelf at a crazily inflated price. Having searched the globe for the right ingredients, scouring the shelves and testing and sampling everything out there on offer for inspiration, they hit upon the sudden reality that everything they needed to create their brand was sitting right under their noses in the UK. Thus Flint + Flint was born. Born, bred and made in England!

Flint + Flint Everyday Wash

So to my review of the lovely products that I was lucky to sample - and that I once again forced upon my other half for his response as well.

The Everyday Wash is a simple, clear-ish liquid that you apply to your face, leave for around 30 seconds and then wash off. It's incredibly easy to use, great at removing your makeup (although a little stringent on the eyes so be careful) and we both felt it was very effective. In terms of being a unisex product it works incredibly well as it isn't particularly scented and is equally useful for both. It really does feel as if it's shifting the nasty grime away from the day - especially useful for people living and working in a busy city.

As I've said many times before, my skin is quite sensitive and yet a mans is generally a little more tough and in need of something a little stronger. This product didn't upset my unpredictable and picky skin, whilst making my bearded husband feel equally cleansed and happy too!

My only note would be that it comes out of the bottle very quickly, so squeeze gently because a little goes a long way. It will be easy to get through the product all too quickly if you aren't careful when using it.

Flint + Flint Serum

I really enjoyed using the wash then popping on the serum at the end of the day. The serum is lovely. It smells really nice - I can't explain what it is but I like it. It's light and easy to apply over the face and neck, sitting happily underneath an everyday moisturiser. It feels very restorative - and although at £48 it might seem like quite a luxury, you only need a tiny amount to still achieve great coverage of both face and neck. I've been testing this for over a month now and haven't even made a dent in the tube.

My feeling about these products is that they really are effective, simply and beautifully presented and equally useful for both male and female. A great buy for city workers especially. As my title suggests - effectual grab and go skin care that you can both use and enjoy without cluttering up the bathroom shelves. They would also be really helpful items to take along with you when travelling.


Have you ever tried these products or do you think you will give them a go? What are the key things that you look for in your skincare? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Well that's all for this week folks! Have a very lovely weekend and I will be back on Monday with some new ideas as well as to report on a little Hula Hooping craziness that I'm planning to embark on this weekend - stay tuned!