Work Related Dates For Your Diary

Happy Friday everyone. I hope that you've all had a good week and have some fun plans in line for the weekend!

Before you sign off today, I wanted to share some interesting upcoming National Events that you may want to mark in your diaries. I was looking through my calendar earlier this week and noticed that there are a number of work related activities happening over the next six weeks or so that maybe of interest to follow or indeed get yourself or your team in the office involved in - so let's take a peek ...

Work Events 2015

I'll just begin by saying that you can find the details and relevant links for many Events and National Days throughout the year on this blogs EVENTS page. Plus if you have any of your own work-related, blogger-related or general exciting events you'd like to add please don't hesitate to contact me. Inclusion is free and I welcome the chance to share great ideas, workshops, courses and events on this page for the benefit of What Now readers. 

For today let's take a look at some work specific happenings over the next month or so:

  • 27th April-3rd May: One for the stationery lovers among us, is National Stationery Week. Now if you're a stationery fiend and hoarder like me then you may want to check this out and keep your eye on the #natstatweek hashtag for all the activity and goings on. Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog as well for some stationery related excitement next week!
  • 28th April: Is the World Day For Safety And Health At Work a chance for employers and employees alike to focus on health and safety in the workplace.
  • 11th-15th May: Is your chance to get active and get involved in Walk To Work Week. Get some healthy competition going in your workplace, sign up and challenge each other to get moving more regularly during this week designed to get people up on their feet more during the working day. Part of National Walking Month this May - follow the trend and activity on Social Media using the hashtag #WalkThisMay.
  • 11th-17th May: Also sees the start of Work Wise UK an initiative to promote smarter working practices such as flexible and remote working, smarter travel and general employee wellbeing.
  • 18th-24th May: Well May is a busy month! This particular week marks Campaign for Learnings annual Learning At Work Week. An opportunity for companies and employees to engage in learning and development, with the announcement of year round special events and opportunities.

So that's just a little taste of what to expect over the next few weeks. It's not too late to register your own or your companies interest and get involved with one of these great initiatives. I personally can't wait for stationery week and also think that walk to work week is a great way to get moving and enjoy a little camaraderie between you and your colleagues. You'll find useful links and the option to add the event to your calendar on each event profile that I've listed.

Plus for those of you embarking on running the London Marathon this weekend - very best of luck. Have a great race. I published some top tips recently from marathon runner Amanda Hardy (with a breathtaking personal best of 3 hours 13 minutes). If you'd like to review her very solid pre and post race advice then scroll down to the bottom of this post for her very useful top ten: City Runners Build Stamina And Strength

Have wonderful weekend all and see you on Monday!