Making The Most Of A Spring Bank Holiday

It's Friday and in no time at all you'll be packing up for the day and getting ready to enjoy the first bank holiday weekend of the month of May here in the UK. 

"Let me at it!" I hear you shout with enthusiasm! That well-earned extra day off is probably high on your list of needs right now. If you haven't had time to give it much thought and haven't yet made any plans for what to do with that oh so desired extra 24 hours of free time in your week, plus if you fancy doing a little more than staying in bed and catching up with everything on Netflix (also a fair option), then here's a round up of some simple, won't break the bank, ideas to inspire you. 

Spring Bank Holiday


  1. Pack Up A Picnic: Weather permitting, why not dust off that old blanket at the back of the cupboard, get out into the countryside and enjoy a little picnic time with family and friends. To get you inspired and in the mood these Top Ten Tips For Picnics will offer you some great ideas, whilst these Perfect Picnic Spots UK will help you decide where's best to park your picnic hamper!
  2. Explore Somewhere New: Take a wander around your home town and explore the hidden nooks, shops and sights you've never experienced before. Or venture a little further and seek out somewhere peaceful and new to get lost in for a while. This list of The Best English Villages might be a good place to start for a few quiet but very pretty ideas.
  3. Head To The Beach: I might be jumping the gun a little here weather wise but even so a stroll along a great British beach with the promise of good old Fish'n'Chips and an ice-cream can be a lovely way to while away a few spare, bank holiday hours. Why not try one of the 18 Best British Beaches on this lovely list.
  4. Get On Your Bike And Ride: A bank holiday is a great occasion to dust off those pedals and hit the roads for a bit of fresh air and exercise. Try Go Sky Ride for routes, ideas and group rides in your area.
  5. Arrange Some Flowers: Bit of an odd one here but if you're a flower nut like me then why not spend some time learning about, choosing and arranging some beautiful spring flowers. This article The Secret Language Of Flowers jumped out at me this week, telling you what your choice of flowers and flower arrangement means. From luck, love, happiness and anticipation, every flower has a meaning. What does you favourite flower of choice say about you?
  6. Take A Hike: I've mentioned it already here on the blog, but today marks the first official day of National Walking Month. So what better time to get out those walking boots and get walking. After all you'll need the practise if you're planning to compete with your colleagues during Walk To Work Week!

How do you like to spend your bank holiday weekend? What will you be getting up to? Whatever your plans I hope you have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you back here next week for a bit more 'What Now?' fun.

Happy Friday!