Chocolate Making At Home With Mitsie's Kitchen

Happy Wednesday all! I hope everyone is well. After a few days absence from the blog in order to get myself organised with some other 'life' things as well as to retreat for a weeks break in Cornwall (more of that to come on here very soon) I'm back with renewed vigour and some fun thoughts and ideas to share with you. Starting today with a post bound to get your mouth watering. Chocolate making ...

Chocolate Making Course

Just before Christmas my husband and I attended a charity dinner and auction in aid of the very wonderful Victoria Foundation who fundraise in order to provide various streams of medical support including mobility aids for children, medical bursaries and accessible transport for the elderly. 

As part of a silent auction held on the night Dan and I bid for and, to our great pleasure and slight amazement, were successful at winning a lovely package of exciting dinners and activities to take part in. One item of which was a chocolate making course for four people in our own home. Therefore a few months on, said course was booked and we eagerly awaited a fun afternoon of truffle and chocolate making in our very own kitchen!

Raspberry Jam and Thick Cream

So this Saturday afternoon myself, Dan and two of our friends settled in to an afternoon with Mitsie from Mitsie's Kitchen to learn how to make said delicacies and of course make a fair bit of mess, have great fun and eat way, way too much chocolate for our own good!

Mitsie Butler, originally from San Francisco but now settled in London with her family has recently retrained and qualified as a pastry chef after leaving behind her previous career in Finance. She teaches in her local college, makes beautiful wedding and other celebration cakes and is now embarking on providing chocolate making or cake decorating classes in your home. Bringing the knowledge, equipment and glorious fun to your very own kitchen.

Making Ganache

The afternoon was great fun and we didn't have to provide anything apart from the odd spoon and a few bowls here and there. We learnt how to make chocolate ganache in order to make the truffles. By mixing one part thick cream with an equal part of melted chocolate, allowing it to cool in the fridge before rolling into truffle sized and shaped rounds and dusting with cocoa powder. 

For some we stirred in softened raspberry jam. Divine and quite possibly my favourite. We also mixed some of the cream with fresh rosemary, left it to infuse for a while, sieved then mixed with the chocolate to make a very different and usual flavour. Mitsie also assured us that many other strange and wonderful combinations could make stunning flavoured truffles - apparently (although I'm still not 100% convinced) mustard and tarragon is a must try! 

Making Truffles

The finished truffles were then decorated with melted white chocolate to give them that special pretty truffle touch. They tasted amazing although our truffle rolling skills possibly weren't quite up to scratch. Some very odd shapes and sizes did materialise. Although I remain certain that this of course had nothing to do with the glass of Prosecco and multitude of giggles that accompanied our culinary skills that afternoon!

Finished Truffles

Next we moved on to producing some more traditional, heart shaped chocolates, using a little of the left over ganache to fill the centre. The lovely white marble effect was created by simply using a clean finger to smudge a little melted white chocolate into the base of each heart in the chocolate mould. Followed by pouring in a little melted dark chocolate, adding a teeny rolled ball of ganache then finishing with more dark chocolate before leaving in the freezer to set.

White Chocolate Marble Hearts
White Chocolate Marbling
Moulds Ready For Filling
Chocolate Moulds

It was a really fun way to spend an afternoon with friends in your own home learning new skills. We're still munching our way through the mounds of delightful sweet goodness that we made! Mitsie really is a very fun, friendly informative and patient teacher.

We may have gotten more chocolate on our faces than in the moulds but it was worth it for such a fun way to spend an afternoon. This would be a great way to spend a birthday, a fun thing to do for a hen party or even something a little different to do with colleagues for a little team building at the office. 

Have you ever tried making your own chocolates? Do you think a course like this would be an interesting and fun thing to do with friends or colleagues?

Filled Moulds

Well I will leave things here for today and let you spend the rest of the afternoon dreaming of chocolate goodness! I wish you all a very happy Wednesday and if you're stuck for something to do this evening then please don't forget to join me over on @CareerBloggers for this evenings #CareerBlogChat in our new time slot of 8-9pm BST. This week we will be discussing Career Resilience - its importance and how to achieve and build on it.

See you again soon.