Dinner On The Roof At Vintage Salt, Selfridges

Happy Friday evening all. Time at last for another weekend and in fact another bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Here's hoping for sunshine and fun for all!

Now I'm still working on editing my Cornwall photos and putting together a couple of lovely (I hope) posts for you, so in the meantime I thought today I'd share a few photos from a birthday celebration meal that I was lucky to have with my family last night. Plus it still has a Cornish theme - albeit a London based one.

Vintage Salt

Last weekend I officially aged by one more year - another year older, perhaps not wiser but we can always hope! The weekend was spent making chocolate, as you may have seen from my previous post, alongside celebrating with the odd glass of Prosecco with friends in my home town (got to get that Prosecco in where you can, have you not heard about the pending UK shortage?! Disaster!)

Thus last night was time to enjoy the company of family and so we decided to venture to the new summer pop up Vintage Salt on the rooftop of the very fabulous and iconic London store Selfridges, Oxford Street. 

Vintage Salt Rooftop Bar

Located on the 5th floor on the roof, with views of the London skyline, this is the latest pop up to open atop this famous store. Having opened on the 1st of May it will be there for five months. So get your booking in while you can as it is a pretty busy and happily buzzy place - a great location to have great food and a tipple in the city.

We began with a drink out in the sunshine on the terrace, where you can lounge in a deckchair, order drinks from the beach hut and soak up a little sunshine as the city buzzes busily below you. Our table was reserved for 5:15pm but we arrived a little earlier for a drink and although whilst we were there the restaurant got steadily fuller and more lively, the vibe was always relaxed with a side of buzz. Just how I like things!

Vintage Salt Interior

The Cornish fishing village setting is very well done and perfectly suits the light and airy rooftop space. We were even amazed and surprised to see the odd seagull fly over head - in London? Not sure if they had been shipped in for the occasion of had just happily made their way over with the tempting smell of fresh fish. 

In the restaurant itself the smoky, beachy smell of the seaside greets your nose and the open kitchen works busily away preparing fresh, vibrant and delicious food for your eating pleasure. With a selection of grills, salads and fish dishes there's plenty to delight pretty much any taste and appetite and I have to say it really was one of my most favourite meals of late.

Tuna Tartare
Tuna Tartare

To start I went for the spicy tuna tartare with avocado and pickled cucumber and after a weeks holiday full of cream teas and hearty holiday food, this light but flavour packed dish was exactly what I needed. Fresh, filling and delicious it really didn't disappoint and I just loved the combination of fresh tuna and avocado, it can't be beaten.

Other options chosen and enjoyed by my family included the jersey rock oysters and the minted garden pea soup. Enjoyed with fresh crusty bread and washed down with crisp rose wine, this made for a happy start to a lovely evening.

Shrimp and Crab Brioche
Truffle Chips

For the main course, because I really do love fish, I went for one of the days specials which was a shrimp and crab brioche served with truffle chips. This again was a delight and full of flavour. Filling but not too much so, I was really very pleased with this choice. 

If you aren't a fan of fish thought don't worry as despite all of my choices being fish based there are also a number of lovely, light grilled meat choices on offer. Including grilled spring chicken and a dry aged beef burger. I can't comment as I didn't taste them but from having a little cheeky peep over the shoulders of other diners, these also looked equally impressive.

Lemon and Bergamont Meringue Tart

And so the meal ended with a selection of summery desserts. When we go for family meals, as we're all more sort of starter and mains types of people, we tend to either leave dessert or, if they look really inviting, will often get a selection to share between us so that we all get a taste of the temptation on offer.

This evening was no different and we made our way through a refreshing and sharp but divine bergamot and lemon meringue, the brownie sundae dip and a chocolate burger with churro chips - which I forgot to photograph. I think the lemon meringue came out on top, the sundae a close second and the burger an intriguing delight but not quite up there with the that of the other two delicacies in our personal group opinion!

Lemon Tart and Cream
Brownie Sundae
Brownie Sundae
Vintage Salt

I have to say that this was a really very enjoyable meal in a lovely and unique location. A lovely way to spend a birthday and thanks hugely to my family for such a lovely treat. Friendly service, a merry atmosphere and great food made for a very happy London evening in the sunshine.

If you're feeling tempted to give Vintage Salt a try then I would recommend making a booking pretty soon as it seems to be very popular. Earlier tables seem to be a bit easier to come by than those from around 6-7pm onwards but I guess it depends on the day you wish to visit.

You may also find it a little tricky to find! You have to navigate to the fifth floor by pushing an unmarked button in the lift. Making it somewhat secretive and all a little confusing but exciting, plus once you finally find your way up there I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and look forward to sharing more with you here on the blog very soon.